arcane dimensions

  1. radhsar

    Tower of Minak 1.1

    My first quake map, requires AD 1.80, quake engine with increased limits, Ironwail is recommended. My attempt at a semi non-linear loopety loop map. Takes place in a tower in the sky that has a lot of books for some reason. Playtesters - Lobotomy-Lobster, Alexunder, Mopebloke, Euclidius...
  2. recycledoj

    Grit Under the Eyelid 1.1

    Grit Under the Eyelid is my first solo release for Quake, for Arcane Dimensions 1.8 Patch 1. This is primarily single player focused, but it does have co-op starts dropped in. This was originally intended to be released as part of Rotting Jam, but the stars didn't quite align for me to complete...
  3. SportsterV90

    Replicon 1.1

    Medium - size base map for Arcane Dimensions.
  4. Chuma

    Freyja's Demise V1.50

    freyja.bsp / "Freyja's Demise" Quake map for Arcane Dimensions version 1.81 source for AD : Independent release by Chuma. How to play it? Put the content of the release folder (maps,sound, gfx/env) inside your Arcane dimensions directory...
  5. CommonCold

    Valentine's Day 2024 - A Love Letter

    This is a map I made for Arcane Dimensions 1.80 patch 1 as a gift to my Valentine ❤️ this year. To install, simply extract the contents of the folder called "ad" to your Arcane Dimensions directory. Two songs included, source of these can be found in the metadata of the tracks. Posting more...
  6. V

    Lost and Foundry 1.1

    Take a trip to a place thought long lost... Lost and Foundry is made out of my strong desire to make an Arcane Dimensions map and features. It features around 90 enemies and should only take 5-15 minutes to beat. I really wanted to understand the privatives that make up a typical map and be able...
  7. R

    The Dismal Silhouette v1.01

    Single player map for Quake, using the Arcane Dimensions mod. Based on E2M6: The Dismal Oubliette, by John Romero. AD v1.80+ required to play: Also requires a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support. Ironwail is recommended. Kex not...
  8. B

    Peril3.0 Peril0. 3b

    Taken me three years, but finally finished Peril, a mod based upon Arcane Dimensions.
  9. darkfader

    Escape from Alpha Prime mod release (incomplete)

    Preview: I am releasing the current state of my mod in hopes that the community will be able to pick up development on it. It is currently sitting on my desktop, and I won't have any time for a while to put into it. Also, there is a tremendous amount of experience, intelligence, and...
  10. alexUnder Ros

    Jam Explore Jam 3 1.15

    Pack of non combat maps. Some puzzles, some platforming and a lot of exploration! In comparison with 2 previous jam packs this one is leaning toward walking simulators with a lot of environmental storytelling. Maps were tested extensively on QS, QSS, IW and VK. IW and VK are recommended. Some...
  11. spootnik

    The Warden 2023-03-18

    A non-linear, honey-themed gothic tower, using Arcane Dimensions. Can you cleanse the place of The Warden's influence?
  12. ExaByt

    Castle Karthenfrost 1.2

    Note: Requires Arcane Dimensions ( made and tested using v1.81 ) to run ( not included ) Originally made as a layout/lighting test back in late November or early December (can't really remember exactly when), I ended up liking the theme enough to want to see it through to its completion. - - -...
  13. alexUnder Ros

    Explore Jam 3 announcement

    Ranger has tired of infinite battles and decided to visit some peaceful dimensions. Nevertheless boredom is not an option! This time non-combative realms will entertain Ranger with puzzles, traps, tricky movements or simply intriguing story ENDS: 30 April 2023 PROGS: Arcane Dimensions 1.8...
  14. alexUnder Ros

    Thirteen Tombs of the Brilliant Dynasty 1.04

    Xmas 2022 Jam late entry. Medieval dark fantasy castle in frozen lands with haunted crypt. Tangibly harder than vanilla, but searching for secrets would make things drastically easier. NOTICE: It's recommended to play it first on Normal. Hard is intended for more challenging replay, when you...
  15. Fairweather

    Jam Twisted Christmas Jam 2022 r3

    Image by @Kebby The annual Arcane Dimensions powered Christmas Jam takes a turn for the spooky for it's 6th go-around. Dropping the 1024u^3 requirement, mappers were given the goal of creating anything from spooky Halloween-flavoured maps, Christmassy spectacles, a mix of both, or none of the...
  16. mtk

    The Black Fog 1.0

    It's my first map, small, linear and to the point, I appreciate the feedback. Skill 2 is hard, it was designed with trial and error approach in mind. To play, just unpack everything into /ad folder. If you're intrigued about the whole zine thing, check the URL section in the readme file. Thank...
  17. H

    The stepwell 1.1

    My first mapping approach for Quake with Arcane Dimensions 1.8. It is a small single player map. COOP and DM is not supported. Please make sure that you start it with Arcane Dimensions, otherwise some features of the map will not work as expected. Skill levels easy, medium and hard are...
  18. gw_x9

    Duke Nukem Quake 2022-10-16

    Level 1 (Hollywood Holocaust) of Duke Nukem 3D -Tried to Make it as accurate as possible. There is also a start map for difficulty select! (Find the Jet Packs!) I think the Map is pretty easy - I'd recommend Hard or Nightmare!
  19. Bal

    Xmas Jam 2020 1.0

    An annual Quake Community Jam Event taking place between November 12 - December 13. Mappers are encouraged to build within a 1024 x 1024 x 1024 box. This jam uses Arcane Dimensions, but is stand-alone, unpack it in it's own directory, and not over an pre-existing AD directory. Organized by...
  20. Mittens for Kittens

    The Dreamer's Demesne 1.1

    "You awaken to the whistling of a chill wind and the sight of dunes illuminated by moonlight. Through the crackling of nearby torches, you hear a shrill, otherworldly cry in the distance behind you. This is the demesne of the Dreamer, where nightmares beyond measure creep through sleepless...