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Taking inspiration from sites like TF2Maps.net and Doomworld, Slipgate Sightseer aims to be a unified place where all community members can post their creations regardless of form.
The Quake community's strength has always been in it's sheer dedication to the game, however with the rising popularity of Discord this passion is lost to outsiders and people otherwise interested in our community. On top of this, we have lost searchability across the community as a whole, anyone who has had the displeasure of hunting down an obscure texture set knows this problem all too well.
In time we hope the site will become an easy one stop shop for all things Quake, including texture wads, QC snippets, 3D models, maps and mods, and the discussion thereof.

Being a beta, we do hope you'll give your critiques and suggestions to us in the Beta Suggestions & Discussion forum!

  • Be kind, respectful and understanding to others.
    • No personal attacks, trolling or flaming.
    • Always keep your critiques in good faith.
    • Think of the person on the other side of the screen.
  • Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
    • No sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and so on.
    • For this in particular, you will not receive the courtesy of a warning.
  • Keep your posts well-mannered.
    • Do not post pornography, disturbing content, illegal content or harmful links.
Downloads Etiquette
  • All downloads posted by you should be at least partially owned, contributed-to or organized by yourself.
    • This rule does not apply in cases where the author/download has not been active/available in the community.
      • For instance: Texmex, Rubicon and CR8
      • In these cases, ask an admin before posting, and after posting your download will be moved to the Quadmin account.
  • Deep-linking is strictly prohibited.
    • In simple terms, this means that you must upload direct download files to Slipseer itself, instead of linking to a direct download hosted on another site.

While this site was created as a escape from the closed-off architecture "black hole of information" that Discord has become, it is still a good community resource for more general discussions and connecting with creators and players alike. While there are many Discord servers for Quake, the most general and popular one is the Quake Mapping Discord. While not directly affiliated with Slipgate Sightseer, it shares many moderators and community members, and is a great place to have on your server list if Discord is a must for you.
You can join the Quake Mapping Discord here.

  • Updated the Deep-linking rule for clarity. Quaddicted links are not forbidden, but the act of Deep-linking is. Deep-linking is generally seen as bad form across the web, and this wording update should make it obvious what the intention of the rule is now. Adding Quaddicted page links (NOT the direct download link) to a page is and always has been allowed.
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