The Dismal Silhouette

Single player map for Quake, using the Arcane Dimensions mod. Based on E2M6: The Dismal Oubliette, by John Romero.

AD v1.80+ required to play:

Also requires a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support. Ironwail is recommended. Kex not supported.

Full installation instructions provided in the included readme.

Originally made for the abandoned RemakeQuake project back around 2010, but extensively rebuilt over the latter half of 2023.

Reviews, demos and streams all welcome and encouraged!
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Jan 11, 2024
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4.92 star(s) 25 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Minor fixes

    Fixed a badly configured elevator that was causing ogres to get stuck (@j4r), plus added...

Latest reviews

This was surprisingly amazing. I wasn't expecting much going in, as these big AD remix maps rarely stick to me, but this was great. Amazing build quality, well thought out level design for being so complex and open, and a great reinterpretation of the original. Good stuff.
This map is a blast! An absolute creepy, raining, stormy atmosphere in dank, dark castle. Loved every minute walking around this place!
Always great to see a veteran mapper roll out a new level! Rich has gone by different nicknames over the decades (Xen, XeNoN, RJ) & his experience shows. This is a massive map with clear progression, interesting secrets (including sections requiring a return & a special key combo location), and a polished atmosphere. An overall nicely done modern interpretation of E2M6!
In my opinion a good map is easy to memorize and brings the player back to certain area's. This map is a tribute to what already worked well in Quake and expands on that with Arcane Dimension characteristics.

The atmosphere is indeed very thick and i have to give credit for adding rain to the mix.

The cavern could have been reused a bit more in my opinion or some very desirable object placed there, we don't see it much after entering the castle.
+ remix of an original id1 map (i'm a sucker for these)
+ neat
mega secret side quest
that kept me playing
+ cutting the original elevator ride short
+ atmosphere & lighting work
+ Arcane Dimensions map

5/5 in my book.
AD maps are very rare. Most creators use Cooper mod, not AD. But when they do appear, they are beautiful and refined. This case is no different. A masterpiece in every respect.
I'm waiting for a new version of AD, remembering how I liked it from the beginning, playing ad_swampy, and later ad_sepulcher, and all the other wonderful maps on and on.

From time to time a new map is published, even though the focus may be more on Alkaline meanwhile.

This one is a real burner, not a remake, but an interpretation of the Obliette. Dark, gloomy, swampy.

First attempt: secrets 4/10, too few, of cause, but I was impatient. Second attempt: secrets 10/10, and the search for the western twilight key cost about one hour of lifetime, and was worth it.

Yes, no cobwebs here, but in my opinion Quake isn't perfect, never was, and never will be - at least I hope so. It's part of Quake's charm, that it needs my own imagination. And so the cobwegs will be always in my brains :)

Thank you so much for this.
An absolutely wonderful release, a full adventure in a single map. It brings me right back to June 2010 (good times when rmq wasn't yet in the total gutter).

Loved all the AD enhancements on what I still recognised to be the original plan. The "third" key threw me in for a loop, though, as I went for a goose chase for something that was right in plain sight.

I got 100% on my "first" try:


I also have a demo (Quakespasm):

Congratulations on getting this out - I think it's been several years since we last talked about it, and I'm really happy to finally see this out in the open. Even if modern mappers might turn their nose at the 24-sided curves ;-)
Great to hear from you dude! And thanks, yeah def a relief to have it out, was bugging me so much over the years that it was just lying there incomplete and all that work had been for nothing. Hoping to get my other e2 stuff done too for the same reasons. Thanks for the demo too, have grabbed and will def watch some point this week :-)
Fantastic reimagining of The Dismal Oubliette. The secrets weren't too hard to find and ammo is plentiful, health can be a bit scarce in places, or at least it is for my mediocre combat skills.

I rather liked the ogres getting stuck in the elevator and eventually dying, it saved ammo.
Pays homage while also doing its own thing at several points in the map. The lighting was sublime, as was the way the map was leading you towards general progression and nudging you towards the secrets. Only nitpick or rather suggestion/question, at some point the player will find
a door leading towards a secret ending locked by 4 keys with cardinal labeled keys. I'm spoiling this because I think the secret hunt is worth it and while not too obscure I think it can be easier on the mind. Are the keys "actually" placed in locations corresponding to their assigned cardinal point? I think they actually are but I'm not sure as I only did a long almost 2h playthrough of this due to secret hunting, it was fun finding all 10. If they aren't then this can be ignored, if they are, a sort of compass in the iconic bridge shifting place could be placed.
They are, and that's a really good idea, thank you. I'm aiming to restrict versioning just to bugfixes but hoping one day to re-release it as part of an episode, I've noted that suggestion down