1. ComfyByTheFire

    I No Longer Fear The Ranger Guarding My Heel 1.6

    A large prototype-textured map with non-linear progression, slaughter fights, and trick jumping. Runs on the Copper mod, which is included. Originally intended as an entry for SM224. Requires up-to-date Ironwail or vkQuake on Protocol 999. Quakespasm will encounter bugs. Please play one...
  2. Spiked_

    Sunken Library 1.0

    A large copper map using mostly stock quake1 textures with 2 custom textures. Difficulty settings are implemented, coop is not supported. Copper not included. Tested with Quakespasm. Further information is in snklib.txt.
  3. zbidou72

    Null Bearing Redux 1.2

    Heavy overhaul/redesign of an older map. Unzip content in your Alkaline folder.
  4. Mars

    The Forgotten Nightmare 1.0

    Huge map featuring a cave system with a crypt beneath, a dungeon and some ruins; very high enemy count. It is based on the Progs_dump mod (included).
  5. zigi

    A Verdant Dawn 1.0

    Large swampy medieval fortress inspired by E1M3, Foggy Bogbottom and The Forgotten Sepulcher from. Comes with a custom skybox and a music track. Trailer: