The Trickster's Domain

This map took way longer than I expected. Not because it was overscoped, but because other things got in the way and I had to interrupt my work on this multiple times for longer periods. When I started making The Trickster's Domain, M.C. Escher's Relativity was providing the theme and it's featured prominently in the main area of the map.

I initially wanted to make a map that was brimming with wierd secrets and puzzles. During grayboxing I veered off this path and focused more on encounter design and disorienting architecture. Some of the initial ideas I had for secrets made it into the final map. I also wanted to experiment with alternative ways of gating. I tried to create a progression in which certain areas are only accessible with a certain weapon, similat to what the Metroid games are known for.

Thanks for playtesting, feedback, and sending me their insightful demos go to:
Micheal Markie

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Jan 4, 2024
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4.85 star(s) 27 ratings

Latest updates

  1. UPDATE, 8th January 2024 - More Soft Locks Fixed

    Some people reported several other soft locks that are fixed with this update. I also used this...
  2. UPDATE, 7th January 2024 - Small Fix

    Fixed a soft lock that happened only on skill 0.
  3. UPDATE, 6th January 2024 - Some More Minor Fixes

    Another few smaller fixes: A pickup didn't drop from the ceiling when it was supposed to (when...

Latest reviews

I wasn't sure how well the metroidvania aspect was going to work going into this map, but I really liked how it turned out, and how simple the gating systems were as they tied into weapons.

I also really liked the little model of the final area with the buttons indicated just before the area itself.
Incredible map! Really interesting theme, nice encounters, clever flow and situational design. I even liked the mass encounter at the end.
Excellent map. The skybox was amazing, as was everything else.
Apart from the marvellous architecture and the great combat, I loved the idea of the Weapon Locks. Amazing how well Escher matches Quake.
top tier map, great encounters and enjoyable puzzle elements. took me 21 minutes to complete, no deaths.
I played this map three times, skill 0, 1, 0. Skill 1 because skill 0 contained some bugs Paul corrected. Skill 1 manageable for a slow player like me, skill 0 better to admire the wonderful architecture.

Remembering that I owned a MC Escher illustrated book long time ago I investigated the implementation of his art.

Even after long searching I could detect only 4 secrets including the thunderbolt. I couldn't puzzle out the secret with the pips (I had to google this, I'm from Germany), the eyes of a dice. Very clever. I'll give this another try after a break.

Great! An independent interpretation of Escher's art and a map full of suspense, thinking, shooting.

And, by the way, thank you also for "Derelict Freighter". I played this around one dozen times ....
Great aesthetic and a good show. I've been hankering for more metroidvania type maps in quake and doom from playing Metroid Doom and this shows how the same could be done in Quake.

The mirror room was an obvious high point and yes I found the secret.
This is an excellent map. Most has been already said in previous reviews. Sometimes I wish you could just turn the Perspective and go up the stairs on the wall or ceiling and keep exploring.

I liked the idea of the new weapon based gates and targets to unlock doors. Would like to see these in more maps. The only disadvantage is that you can stock up on ammunition to the maximum with these gates.

If possible I would probably try to limit the respawn of ammunition. Only respawn ammunition if the player has less than a certain amount of that type of ammunition, i.e. rockets < 10 , nails < 20 , gun < 50.
Retain the respawning of a box if player has activated the gate, regardless of the number of ammunition.
Amazing. Beautiful, fresh looking map, the skybox especially had my jaw hitting the floor, as did the
reflection room and the end arena model
. So many great ideas.

Great use of monster ambushes and jumps, felt constantly on my toes but always given fair cover, escape routes or enough room to manoeuvre . End battle was immense.

Favourite new map in a while!
Does justice to both the Escher look and Metroid gameplay+navigation in a tight package.