1. h4724

    Jam SM226 - Grisly Grottos 2023-09-19

    10 speedmaps + start map inspired by e1m4 - The Grisly Grotto. Mappers had 60 hours to create a map using custom progs - based on Copper and featuring the diving gear from Dwell - with no restrictions on texturing or gameplay other than the prompt. The event ran from midnight UTC on 16/09/2023...
  2. h4724

    SM226 - Grisly Grottos starts now!

    Deep below Gloom Keep, buried and forgotten for aeons, the Grisly Grotto waits... For you to hastily reinterpret it. The namesake and theme for this speedmapping session is e1m4, an all-time classic from Quake's shareware episode. There are no strict restrictions on textures or anything else for...
  3. Markie

    Jam Reload Map Jam 1.11

    Map jam run by Slipgate Sightseer in cooperation with Reload Magazine, with the goal of picking 3 entries to write about in an article! Start map and jam organization by @Markie Running on the Copper mod by @Lunaran Featuring artwork by @Makkon Map Authors: alexUnder + Newhouse...
  4. Markie

    Reload Magazine Jam

    "Reload Magazine in cooperation with Slipgate Sightseer will hold a Quake MiniMapJam in the first week of September (9/1 - 9/7)! This jam runs concurrently with Reload's current Kickstarter and the top three maps will be featured in the magazine! So flex your mapping muscles and show us what you...
  5. CommonCold

    Jam FireBlu Jam Goddamnit

    FIERYBLU madness has finally reared its ugly head, and what it sees is YOU!WARNING: Those who are sensitive to flashing images, and ESPECIALLY those with photosensitive epilepsy should be extremely cautious about these maps. Blast through ELEVEN new maps and a start map, featuring: "Dreams Of...
  6. 4LT

    Jam Rotting Jam 1.0.0

    Rotting Jam Rotting Jam is a collection of seven maps created over a period of two weeks for Arcane Dimensions with the theme "Decay and disrepair". Contributors alexUnder Chuma CommonCold en tsoy nickster Strideh ZetaByt Organizers 4LT, with assistance from Spootnik Instructions Extract zip...
  7. spootnik

    The Randomizer Special 2 1.2

    Participants: Greenwood Konig Rabbit Riktoi Spootnik Be sure to peruse each mapper's readme file to see their randomizer results! The Randomizer excel document is included in the .zip, if you are interested in playing with it.
  8. alexUnder Ros

    Jam Explore Jam 3 1.15

    Pack of non combat maps. Some puzzles, some platforming and a lot of exploration! In comparison with 2 previous jam packs this one is leaning toward walking simulators with a lot of environmental storytelling. Maps were tested extensively on QS, QSS, IW and VK. IW and VK are recommended. Some...
  9. riktoi

    Jam Dog Jam V1.0.0

    Dog Jam was a 9 day jam event where the mappers were only allowed to use monster_dogs. Uses progs_dump V3.0.0. These maps were created/tested for/on the Ironwail and vkQuake sourceports, but might work fine on QuakeSpasm as well. BSP Name Map Title Author start dogjam start riktoi...
  10. poopfiend

    Jam SM 224 - Prototype Jam #4 1.0.3

    Filename : sm224.zip Release Date : Authors : Amperz, Chrisholden, Greenwood, Ish, Mazu, Mrtaufner, poopfiend, riktoi, Spootnik, stickflip Timeframe : April 28 2023 - May 7 2023 Organized by Poopfiend * Original Announcement Blurb * SM224 - Prototype Jam 4 Start: Now End: 11:59...
  11. spootnik

    Coffee Quake 2: Double Shot v1.2final

    The speediest of map jam packs is back by popular demand. Coffee Quake 2 brings you 132 maps, all made within 2 hours, across four episode themes. Episode 1: Egypt Episode 2: Runic Episode 3: Koohoo Episode 4: Elder This jam features 132 two-hour speedmaps by 36 mappers! Featuring maps by...
  12. zigi

    Joke Jam 2 announcement

    --- Quake April Fools Mega Jokemap Extravaganza Incorporated 2 (Joke Jam 2) --- Are you tired of making serious maps? Doing fancy lights and trims and all that bs? Would you rather make something silly? Do you feel like pranking your friends? Then we've got the jam for you! Have a laugh and...
  13. 4LT

    Jam Modding Jam 2019 1.0

    Eight small mods introducing new weapons, items, or gameplay features. Contributors: @khreathor (organizer) @aDaya @Bloodshot ish JCR Redfield Scrama @shamblernaut Uploaded with permission from khreathor
  14. 4LT

    Jam Modding Jam 2022 1.0

    Hosted in January/February of 2022, this jam is composed of 7 mods introducing new gameplay mechanics under the theme of AI - but not the job-stealing kind! Contributors: @khreathor Organizer @4LT Modder, Leading-Shot Turret Asaki Modder, Neko for Quake! @bmFbr Modder, Skaarj for...
  15. zigi

    Jam SM222 - Towers 1.2

    SM222-Towers Speedmap pack completed in 3 days or less, including authors : aesop cc dfl ish llanstoloq magnetbox mh spoot zigi
  16. Fairweather

    Jam Twisted Christmas Jam 2022 r3

    Image by @Kebby The annual Arcane Dimensions powered Christmas Jam takes a turn for the spooky for it's 6th go-around. Dropping the 1024u^3 requirement, mappers were given the goal of creating anything from spooky Halloween-flavoured maps, Christmassy spectacles, a mix of both, or none of the...
  17. Fairweather

    🎅 Twisted Christmas Jam Announced! 🎃

    Image by Kebby The AntiClaus has risen! He has already done away with Halloween, and is now working to destroy Christmas! Your goal, dear mapper, is to not let that happen. Since gaining access to Slipgate technology, AntiClaus has brokered a deal with Shub-Ngurath to deliver weapons of...
  18. bmFbr

    Jam Sewer Jam 2 1.2.1

    17 stinky sewer-themed maps (plus a start map) created by a bunch of cool people over a 4-week period. Running on a pre-release version of Alkaline 1.2 (included), you can expect a lot of rising water to catch you off-guard. Map name Title Author start Down the Sludge bmFbr sj2_alexunder...
  19. Makkon

    Jam Quake Brutalist Jam 1.05

    Over two and a half weeks, creators new and veteran created maps centered around concrete and brutalist architecture. Built in the gameplay mod Copper (included), the pack includes 35 levels almost entirely made in the Makkon concrete texture set. It is recommended to play this pack with a...
  20. Makkon

    Quake Brutalist Jam announcement

    Quake Brutalist Jam Make a map featuring concrete forms and strong geometric shapes after the style of the Brutalism architectural movement from post-war 1950s-70s. “Brutalist buildings are characterized by minimalist constructions that showcase the bare building materials and structural...