1. Tonhao

    Ruins of the Unforgotten Souls release

    Ruins of the Unforgotten Souls Small medieval map for alkaline 1.2.2 with singleplayer, coop and deathmatch support. The map was initially going to be my entry into a Brazilian jam, but I decided to publish it separately. The map also has messages in portuguese and english simultaneously...
  2. S

    Planetside 1.0

    Planetside: Planetside is a small single-level project for Quake! Explore a research base crawling with unsavory creatures surrounding a mysterious obelisk! Notes: - This map has only been tested with Quakespasm and Nightdive Quake - Includes map and bsp files Screenshots:
  3. CommonCold

    Valentine's Day 2024 - A Love Letter

    This is a map I made for Arcane Dimensions 1.80 patch 1 as a gift to my Valentine ❤️ this year. To install, simply extract the contents of the folder called "ad" to your Arcane Dimensions directory. Two songs included, source of these can be found in the metadata of the tracks. Posting more...
  4. S

    Fortress of the Arcane Conduit 1.0

    Battle your way through the halls of the eldritch font of arcane power. Collect all four silver keys to escape the citadel and return to a more hospitable dimension. This is my first Quake map (not the first map I've created for a game however). This is a somewhat large, non-linear map. I...
  5. Mazu

    It Is Over 2024 1.0

    Heya, Happy new year! This map is for Copper 1.30 This was my result of my desire to try to make a map for a new year 2024. Map is runic and metal themed multi-floor compact layout map designed to work well in both single player and deathmatch settings. On hard difficulty the combat can be...
  6. ComfyByTheFire

    Starslave v1.3

    An Egyptian ruin with a dark secret. Contains a story, lots of quad runs, randomized elements, and plenty of secrets. Runs on the Copper mod, which is included. Please play one difficulty lower than you normally would; hard and nightmare are intended to be impossible for the majority of...
  7. Mazu

    Lights Camera Action MP5 1.0

    Lights Camera Action MP5 is a multiplayer map for Quake inspired by old Action Quake 2 maps. Map is built from qbj2_hcm(Condition Concrete from Brutalist Jam 2) ending area with slightly expanded areas. Contains bot navigation support for Quake 1 rerelease as well. You can also run this in...
  8. DrMelon

    Thrallbreak v1.0.0

    Thrallbreak ---------- by DrMelon Resist the control of The Dread Lord - a map with two endings! Can you escape the clutches of evil? This is my third singleplayer map, and I wanted to try using the Copper mod. Please install Copper before playing this map, as it does use a lot of...
  9. Chuma

    Agoraphobia (dm7sp) 1.00

    This readme should also be on slipseer site. Hello, it's me Chuma... I hope you are all doing well and safe! As we know it, Quake shipped with 6 multiplayer maps, dm7 acrophobia since i played the nintendo 64 version is my favorite multiplayer map, this map was in a ID Software Dev CD and some...
  10. D

    Tainted 1.2

    In your tainted land, an unfathomable cosmic horror takes root. Monstrous abominations sow chaos and despair, while the Rune of Power, pulsating with forbidden energies, is stolen. To restore harmony and repel doom, you must drive back the eldritch creatures and reclaim the Rune of Power... 8...
  11. T

    Deathmatch Dimension 1.03

    Deathmatch Dimension is a ten map single-player episode of classic Quake goodness, inspired by the deathmatch maps that shipped with the original game. Each map has been lovingly rebuilt from the ground up for intense combat with Quake's familiar bestiary, and can be played as a full episode in...
  12. ComfyByTheFire

    I No Longer Fear The Ranger Guarding My Heel v1.7

    A large prototype-textured map with non-linear progression, slaughter fights, and trick jumping. Runs on the Copper mod, which is included. Originally intended as an entry for SM224. Requires up-to-date Ironwail or vkQuake on Protocol 999. Quakespasm will encounter bugs. Please play one...
  13. Trashbang

    Only You Can Prevent Containment Breaches 1.0

    Got overambitious again, lads. This map is a little larger than my usual fare. I wanted to make something that was a little less aggressively linear and ambush-heavy, where players could engage with some fights on their own terms. I also just wanted to play around more with coloured lighting...
  14. SleepyAdam

    Save the World 1

    An underground research facility in kahoots with a terrorist organization has been experimenting with dangerous slipgate technology for months now, you infiltrated to stop them, but they managed to catch you. They managed to wrestle away all but your trusty axe before they threw you in their...
  15. Cheese

    cheesebase01 1.1.0

    This is my 2nd released Quake map. Standard Quake Tech base theme, but with some surprises. This map uses Progs Dump 3, so you will have to load the "cheese" file as a mod before loading the map. Readme and demo included.
  16. RoughTank

    The Elder World's Ruin V1

    This map was made for my University final year project. It uses Quake as the medium to create engaging gameplay via level design. It should take around 5 minutes to complete == Level Info == Secrets: 2 Enemies: 48 Note: this map was designed with normal difficulty in mind!
  17. pLaw

    Waldsterben 2023-02-18

    With this map I tried to replicate a more organic environment. Gameplay-wise I wanted to see how far I could get with as little moving parts (like doors or platforms) as possible. Thanks to: Sven "ptoing" Ruthner for relaxed conversaions during mapping and for his keen eye spotting my...
  18. Vondur

    QSP: "Io. Loki Patera." By Asl. 2023-02-02

    Rather big map from Asl, industrial setting. Download:
  19. 1600frogs

    Rising Action 1.0

    A 5-10 minute, mostly linear level with powerful secrets whose difficulty and layout were inspired by the narrative convention of Freytag's Pyramid.
  20. pLaw

    Down the Gutter 2022-11-05

    This was my very first quake map, released back in July 2021. Nothing too special, just learning the ropes and trying out different encounters and layouts. Thanks to: Sven "ptoing" Ruthner for extensive playtesting and advice For playtesting and sending me their insightful demos...