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A short map based on Markie's Quake Builder Block 1.

For more screenshots, check the More Information for my ArtStation artwork link, or click here.
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Jul 2, 2024
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I rather liked this! It perhaps kept you with the shotguns for a bit too long, but apart from that, it was a fun experience with great visuals - knave maps are always a treat, and it's quite neat to see one with a non-otherworldly skybox, gives it a unique feeling.
We need more maps that get lots of love and care, but don't try to be a hundreds-of-monsters epic journey.
Of course, part of the credit for this goes to Markie for making the layout, but Wedge really did great work with it and built something that maintains good momentum throughout and has fun secrets and considerate encounters which make the game feel fun, not annoying.
Nice little map with great architecture. The difficulty level was spot on for me on skill 2. I particularly liked the combination of indoor and outdoor areas. The last room with the three pillars could have used a bit more action for me. Thank you very much. I had a lot of fun.
Great. Can you make episode out of it? :D
An interesting, compact and enemy-filled level. I couldn't figure out where the button that opens the secret area with the yellow armor is located.
It's a beautiful and fun map, As I love secrets, I also appreciate that it managed to cram in a bunch of them. I do think it was perhaps too easy, as you never get surprised by monster placements or ambushed or anything. Plus almost all Ogres were placed so you can exploit their handicap of not being able to aim in the z-axis. So using Arcane Dimensions, which has z-axis aware AI for Ogres, would have helped (or better Ogre placement, but I guess that would mean having to change the layout). In fact, I sort of missed Quoth, which is another great mod, while playing it as it seemed perfectly suited for its new monsters.

A small nitpick is that I wish you could make the raised platform go down/up again. During my first playthrough, I missed jumping on it and had to RJ to get the Quad.

Anyway, nice map! Here's my playthrough of it:

A very fun map, I love how reactive the map feels to what I am doing in it. Also I got a kick out of that pillar coming out of the floor during that one arena fight. Also love the visual design.