1. R

    Tower of Minak 1.1

    My first quake map, requires AD 1.80, quake engine with increased limits, Ironwail is recommended. My attempt at a semi non-linear loopety loop map. Takes place in a tower in the sky that has a lot of books for some reason. Playtesters - Lobotomy-Lobster, Alexunder, Mopebloke, Euclidius...
  2. ExaByt

    Castle Karthenfrost 1.2

    Note: Requires Arcane Dimensions ( made and tested using v1.81 ) to run ( not included ) Originally made as a layout/lighting test back in late November or early December (can't really remember exactly when), I ended up liking the theme enough to want to see it through to its completion. - - -...
  3. Fairweather

    Dead But Dreaming 1.0

    (From the original readme) Started originally as a speedmap for the 208th Speedmap Jam, themed after Caves, Canyons and Crevices. I interpreted this as an overgrown Knavian structure deep below the earth, with green highlights of vines and a more standard rock texture and softer lighting than...