1. wedge_one

    Missing Coordinates 1.0.0

    A short map based on Markie's Quake Builder Block 1. For more screenshots, check the More Information for my ArtStation artwork link, or click here.
  2. Ninjasaurus

    Tower of Minak 1.1

    My first quake map, requires AD 1.80, quake engine with increased limits, Ironwail is recommended. My attempt at a semi non-linear loopety loop map. Takes place in a tower in the sky that has a lot of books for some reason. Playtesters - Lobotomy-Lobster, Alexunder, Mopebloke, Euclidius...
  3. ExaByt

    Castle Karthenfrost 1.2

    Note: Requires Arcane Dimensions ( made and tested using v1.81 ) to run ( not included ) Originally made as a layout/lighting test back in late November or early December (can't really remember exactly when), I ended up liking the theme enough to want to see it through to its completion. - - -...
  4. Fairweather

    Dead But Dreaming 1.0

    (From the original readme) Started originally as a speedmap for the 208th Speedmap Jam, themed after Caves, Canyons and Crevices. I interpreted this as an overgrown Knavian structure deep below the earth, with green highlights of vines and a more standard rock texture and softer lighting than...