1. C

    The Requiem 1

    Set within the haunting confines of a desecrated monastery, the level beckons players into a realm where darkness and danger intertwine. Their mission? To vanquish lurking horrors and navigate perilous pathways towards the ultimate goal: the elusive final portal. Map Trailer
  2. N

    Nola1 1.0

    This Place is not Pure is my first serious attempt at a Quake map! I had a lot of fun making it. There are definitely still some rough edges, but at a certain point I decided that I wanted to decide it was finished and put it out to get some feedback. There are 6 secrets and 121 monsters to...
  3. 4LT


    Pectin is a map (BSP) validation tool to allow users to quickly identify defects with their maps. There are primarily two roles for which this tool is intended: Map authors, to check their map before submitting to a jam or mod Jam/mod organizers, to identify defects in a selection of maps...
  4. 1600frogs

    Bog Man Has Had Enough 1.0

    Bog Man is tired of the noise up above and is ready to do something about it with the help of his faithful axe and trusty shotgun. A 10-15 minute long Copper map about ascending from the bog and silencing the evil above. Tested for QSS and Ironwail.
  5. RoughTank

    Quake Quombat V1

    Quake Quombat (QQ for short), was the final level designed and developed for my Final Year Project at Teesside University. It is a multiplayer, Deathmatch map designed for up to four players. Thanks for playing! :)
  6. SleepyAdam

    Save the World 1

    An underground research facility in kahoots with a terrorist organization has been experimenting with dangerous slipgate technology for months now, you infiltrated to stop them, but they managed to catch you. They managed to wrestle away all but your trusty axe before they threw you in their...
  7. 1600frogs

    Crack in the Sky 1.2

    A 15-45 minute long Copper map about navigating the ruins of a floating civilization and fighting its new tenants, with an interconnected layout inspired by the tropes of Fromsoftware level design. Tested for Quakespasm and Ironwail. Copper not included.
  8. ravenhood

    Fanatic 1.2

    This is my second map. I made my first multiplayer map in 1998. There's a central three story building with Quad at the bottom and Red Armor at the top, with lots of action in rooms and sewers around it. I tried to make it look close to official quake levels, by using the vanilla textures, but...
  9. gnemeth

    The Machinery 1.0.0

    An abstract alien space-ship using mostly IKbase textures. Comes with a custom music track by the author. The map source is included.
  10. gnemeth

    Keeper of the Hell Gate 1.0.0

    Medium-sized runic map. It is based on the progs_dump mod (included) and a few extra models and sounds as well as a music track by the author. The map source is included.
  11. Geoge_bush420

    Concrete Halls 1.1

    This is not my first map but it is the first one I think is good enough to release. It's a sort of abandoned concrete structure with pipes running through it. The map is pretty small and should accommodate about 3-4 players. The main thing I was trying to do with this map was make something...
  12. Lapax

    Shoot It Until It Dies (SIUID) map1 1.5

    This map and the upcoming map pack are inspired by ultrakill's bite-sized and arena only based fights, the art style is blocky because of my lack of expertise and because I just like it like that Known problems with the map (can't fix them as of now, I'm not home 'till 14th of August) : The...
  13. Greenwood

    Biotoxin 1.0

    This 100 brush Base map uses textures from Quake 2, as well as a couple of composites from CZG. CZG's description: "My entry for 100 brush V2.00 contest: Biotoxin - Where toxic waste comes to die, and to be pumped out into earth's ecosystem. ... Built with WC1.6, compiled with WQbsp, Tyrlite...