Bog Man Has Had Enough

Bog Man is tired of the noise up above and is ready to do something about it with the help of his faithful axe and trusty shotgun.

A 10-15 minute long Copper map about ascending from the bog and silencing the evil above.

Tested for QSS and Ironwail.

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Aug 10, 2023
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4.17 star(s) 18 ratings

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I ran into a bug on my first run. After retrying I didn't have the same issue again.

Cool aesthetic, fun fights, the ending bit is unique. Top shelf.
An awesome map! I really enjoyed this; in particular, I really liked the verticality of the main area, seeing all the way back down to where I started. I also really enjoyed the little devices that the Enforcers ride down on towards the end, and the machine that dropped groups of monsters into an arena. A lovely use of the Machine Games assets, well-hidden but not obscure secrets, and just all-round very fun. Inspirational!
Very cool map, full of action set pieces across a swamp, train station scenario. Combat is not very hard, but ammo can be a little stingy for each of the different combats.

The ending takes place in a dimly lit run as the player faces a bunch of Shamblers. As another reviewer mentioned, this feels like something out of a Half Life map.
What a wonderful map. I really liked the fact that you could always look back at areas you had already been to. And the train was great. And the last battle was very exciting and challenging. Thank you very much.
Good little linear map where it felt like there were cool little situations in each area. Loved the ending with the shamblers in the dark!
Had a pretty good time with this map. It's a bit visually flat in places, but it follows a really satisfying linear arc—start in the slimy pits of the bog, surrounded by bridge foundations and zombies, and slowly work your way up, criss-crossing periodically through familiar spaces. With different presentation and a bit of narrative flourish, it would have a very Half-Life sort of flavour to it.

There's a nice blend of solid fights and gimmick fights here—the map tries some really interesting ideas in between some fairly standard arena encounters, and while I don't think they're all winners, I appreciate the effort to mix things up. The final fight in particular does something really fun with light and shadow, but I burned through the bulk of the enemies in it so fast that it felt like the concept didn't fully get a chance to shine.

Overall, well worth the time. Really looking forward to seeing more from this author.