1. radhsar

    Tower of Minak 1.1

    My first quake map, requires AD 1.80, quake engine with increased limits, Ironwail is recommended. My attempt at a semi non-linear loopety loop map. Takes place in a tower in the sky that has a lot of books for some reason. Playtesters - Lobotomy-Lobster, Alexunder, Mopebloke, Euclidius...
  2. mrfancypants

    Experimental RC 0.99

    A smallish map for duels, 2v2, or 4-6 ffa. It uses Makkon's tech wad. I think this is pretty much done, but am willing to make small changes if anyone has recommendations.
  3. GrazzasOnlyFans

    Deadline 2023-06-26

    Deadline Decided to challenge myself and make a quick map within a week time limit, so here it is. I started it on Sunday 18th June and "finished" it on the 25th. Because of the tight time limit, I've been unable to find play testers, but please feel free to give me feedback. It was great fun...
  4. 1600frogs

    Crack in the Sky 1.2

    A 15-45 minute long Copper map about navigating the ruins of a floating civilization and fighting its new tenants, with an interconnected layout inspired by the tropes of Fromsoftware level design. Tested for Quakespasm and Ironwail. Copper not included.
  5. Spiked_

    Runic Mechanism 1.0

    A runic style map set in an ancient stone place that has been repurposed by metal into a slipgate facility. It's a fairly standard theme of stone + metal + lava but with the idea being that as you progress through the map, it becomes more and more metallic to show you getting closer to the...
  6. mrfancypants

    Aerowalk - Halloween 1.0

    A retexture with some slight geometry changes. Uses textures from the rerelease as well as from Makkon. Made with QSSM and the Quake Rerelease in mind. As pointed out by Mazu below, the wind tunnel thing doesn't work in QW. I'll see if I can fix that so it'll work fine in both versions...
  7. GrazzasOnlyFans

    Prison of Hope 1.0

    A prison built into the side of a mountain. Even if you escape; there's no escape. A relatively linear map designed somewhat vertically and taking heavy inspiration from the Tower of Latria/Irithyll dungeon levels from the Souls series, but with a dystopian/cyberpunk twist. There are two...
  8. Fairweather

    Jam Coppertone Summer Jam 2 1.2

    Image Fairweather and Ptoing Suns out, guns out! The second annual Coppertone Summer Jam is a 22 (+start) map jam for the Copper mod (included) that peels Ranger out of the cold and dark, thrusting him into sunny and hot environments from veteran and new mappers alike! Featuring new art...