A prison built into the side of a mountain. Even if you escape; there's no escape.

A relatively linear map designed somewhat vertically and taking heavy inspiration from the Tower of Latria/Irithyll dungeon levels from the Souls series, but with a dystopian/cyberpunk twist. There are two endings - can you find them both?

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Sep 4, 2022
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Excellent use of color, scale, and shadow. A big jump from your previous map -- and just compared to other maps in general, a unique and strong look. I really enjoyed just seeing what was next in the visuals from room to room while going through this.

Usually good texture selection too, although one of the few visual errors here comes from the use of some textures with quite different scaling, so that the pixels are almost invisible on some textures but huge and blocky on others. Also a couple of movers/lifts have pitch-black lighting issues on the "covered" parts (these are annoying to fix but can be taken care of usually one way or another).

Anyway: great look! One of my favorites this year.

The theme and mild storytelling was also fun, making use of some nifty environment designs. Pretty bold choice also to have a "bad ending" possible in a Quake map. :) I do wish you had gone with a custom music track BTW, it would have really sold your setting!

The combat encounters were sparse at times yeah (skill 2). While there were at least a couple of areas that did get my pulse up a bit, on the whole I'd say that the fighting was the weakest aspect of the map. If the experience here included some truly punchy combat setpieces, it could be an instant classic.

Still feels like a 5-star despite my quibbles, because I _really_ liked the visual vibe.
Visually pretty cool looking map using Makkon textures decently aside from some trim sheets being thrown into walls at times, but hey thats what I would do too if I was using texture sheets like these. Cool environments and interactivity with moving platforms and stuff.

Gameplay pacing was quite slow and not that challenging on hard difficulty. It took me 37 minutes to get to the very end killing one monster after another except a few zombie hordes here and there.

There are several holes behind boxes and some ramps and pillars where you can get soft locked. Aside from those few locks it didn't have bugs as far as I know, neat map!
Hey Mazu - Do you remember where the softlocks are?
Really cool map. Heavy with environmental storytelling. Difficulty is on par with vanilla, which is great. Nice lighting. Gorgeous mood & atmosphere in general. Interesting layout and windyness. Verticality is top notch. Recommended to anyone! PS. Perhaps the map could win with Copper, it could me more challenging. But that's subjective
Really impressive map! Good pacing, challenging combat and stunning visuals. At the beginning I was finding it too linear and blocky, wishing it had more inventive room shapes, but later on I was convinced and surprised of its quality in its tour to the top. A must-play!