Quality of life update:
> redone all lighting effects adding colored lights;
> added support for makkon skyboxes;
> changed architectural traits on almost all maps;
> small changes in map progression;
> adaptations for kex quake.

Changelog included in readme file.






I recently discovered another soft-lock on map eod7 and was already doing this update, but I didn't want the update to be just that, so I decided to make some other changes:


> repositioned an object out of place in eod2;
> repositioned the secret button in eod3;
> increase the bridge heith by 16 unities in eod4;
> Co-op: removed soft-lock of spawn room in eod7;
> reworked some rooms in eod7;
> quality of life changes to func_ilusionaries and unclipped corners;
> changed all filenames.

Reworked rooms:


I decided to keep only one version of the episode available, as it also works in Kex Quake 😎
> some changes on bots waypoints;
> reformatted some sentences;
> removed the yellow armor of first secret in eod_2;
> minor changes on visuals in eod_4;
> small changes on some monsters position in eod_4;
> changed the ilusionary wall for a secret door in eod_4;
> rocket launcher can now be collected in eod_5;
> small changes on some monsters position in eod_6;
> changed position of rocket launcher in eod_6;
> changed the second secret item in eod_6;
> removed bars that block the way in the first arena in eod_7;
> removed green armor in first arena in eod_7;
> removed pentagram scrag spawn in eod_7;
> added an elevator in the rocket launcher room in eod_7;
> removed fiend in nail gun room in eod_7;
> added some spike details on the walls in eod_7;
> changed the first secret item in eod_8.

NOTE: The only difference of kex quake version is the filename of intro map and the "map" parameter of trigger_changelevel in eod_7. I made this version so that Immorpher can update the episode to the custom add-ons tab. It is not necessary to download both versions, as the normal version also works in Kex Quake.
I discovered another small bug, thanks to spootnik, where a fiend ends up falling out of his closet prematurely on map eod_2. I decided to increase the space a little inside some closets and also increase the height, since some of them are exactly above the arena where they spawn.

The exclusive version of Kex Quake has no difference from the other version. I decided to create it so that Immorpher can update the episode in the custom add-ons tab. It is not necessary to download both versions, as the normal version also runs on kex quake.
The update was made to fix the main problem of the episode: red/bold texts not being displayed and crashing kex quake, but I also took advantage and changed some points.

Changelog 1.4:
> Removed red/bold texts, turning them white - I'm still not sure it was the red texts that caused crashes in kex quake, because the first versions where the texts were available these crashes never happened in my tests.

>Removed last enemy in eod_5 - I decided to remove the last fiend from the map, because some players ended up using the grenade launcher on it and the explosion radius hit the yellow light trigger_once without displaying the message "only one more to go..." , causing players to be confused about activating the secret exit.

> Trigger_hurt now causes a hit-kill on any monster that falls into the bottom of lava pit, including the player, in eod_7 - This was a bug that I discovered quite by accident in my tests. If the player save the game while a fiend is taking damage from trigger_hurt and load the game, the fiend would stop taking damage and the player would have to kill it manually.

BTW the bots waypoints were already included in the same zip as the episode

Edit: I found out why the game crashed in kex quake, and it wasn't the red texts. An alternative kex exclusive version is available via the same download button.

After a while I found out why the eod_6 map was not showing the sky boxes in kex quake. I accidentally used the sky_black texture on a dark wall. mybad...