1. D

    Tainted 1.2

    In your tainted land, an unfathomable cosmic horror takes root. Monstrous abominations sow chaos and despair, while the Rune of Power, pulsating with forbidden energies, is stolen. To restore harmony and repel doom, you must drive back the eldritch creatures and reclaim the Rune of Power... 8...
  2. Aesopolis

    Power Structure 1.1

    UPDATE 1.1 IS LIVE This should work fine on any Alkaline version. Tested most extensively on vkQuake. Co-op is available but not tested. You can download Alkaline 1.1 here. I started this level a month into learning how to map, and spent the next 8 months tweaking and improving it as I learned...
  3. Tonhao

    Empire of Disorder 3.0

    Vanilla episode with 9 small maps, including start, end and secret map. All maps have singleplayer, cooperative and Deathmatch settings. Background: Old rumors say that whoever picks up the Rune of Greed will be the next champion of the Empire of Disorder. You decide to go on this...