1. Chuma

    Agoraphobia (dm7sp) 1.00

    This readme should also be on slipseer site. Hello, it's me Chuma... I hope you are all doing well and safe! As we know it, Quake shipped with 6 multiplayer maps, dm7 acrophobia since i played the nintendo 64 version is my favorite multiplayer map, this map was in a ID Software Dev CD and some...
  2. S

    DM - House of Chthon Expanded 1.03

    House of Chthon remade from scratch for modern sourceports! Includes a new "entry" area and additional corridors and rooms. Version 1.03 fixes the "__TB_empty" refs, and a few zealous clip brushes.
  3. S

    DM - House of Chthon Expanded

    House of Chthon remade from scratch for modern sourceports! New entryway and corridors+extra rooms. Not sure how useful the new lightning trap is going to be in DM but I think it's pretty cool - activated through 4 buttons to "charge" it. As an added bonus, Chthon spawns in SP when you grab the...
  4. CasualExplorer

    The Black Realm Version 1.a

    Version 1.a: Minor brush issues addressed -- minimal changes made that do not affect gameplay; Added Japanese Kanji to internal map message that can identify map name. =========================================================== Quake 1 Deathmatch Level for 1 vs 1 Free for All...
  5. T

    Deathmatch Dimension 1.03

    Deathmatch Dimension is a ten map single-player episode of classic Quake goodness, inspired by the deathmatch maps that shipped with the original game. Each map has been lovingly rebuilt from the ground up for intense combat with Quake's familiar bestiary, and can be played as a full episode in...
  6. RoughTank

    Quake Quombat V1

    Quake Quombat (QQ for short), was the final level designed and developed for my Final Year Project at Teesside University. It is a multiplayer, Deathmatch map designed for up to four players. Thanks for playing! :)
  7. Mista Heita

    Ancient 1.1

    Expanded version of my Coffee Quake 2 koohoo-themed entry which didnt make it into the pack. Copper version 1.20 or above is required. Will not work with Coffee Quake. Features: Interconnected layout with platforming 3 different keys Custom music track Deathmatch support Map source included
  8. CasualExplorer

    CodeName:_Meiseki_No_Tsubasa 1.0

    Title : CodeName:_Meiseki_No_Tsubasa Filename : CodeName[]_Meiseki_No_Tsubasa.bsp Release date : 03/01/2023 Email Address : Misc. Author Info : I love tweaking and hacking my hardware, operating...
  9. CasualExplorer

    CodeName:_Shi_No_Kao 1.0

    ===================================================================== Quake I/Classic Quake Level for 1 vs 1 Free for All duels. . . ===================================================================== Title : CodeName:_Shi_No_Kao Filename ...
  10. CasualExplorer

    CodeName:_Itanji_No_Senkai 1.0

    ===================================================================== Quake I/Classic Quake Level for 1 vs 1 Free for All duels. . . ===================================================================== Title : CodeName:_Itanji_No_Senkai Filename ...
  11. CommonCold

    The Endeavor 1.0

    As part of the many ships soaring throughout the galaxy in search of valuable resources and hospitable planets, The Endeavor was originally seen as the cream of the crop. Wealthy citizens paid millions to simply be at the launch site on the festivous day. You are among the few unlucky crew, who...
  12. mrfancypants

    Aerowalk - Halloween 1.0

    A retexture with some slight geometry changes. Uses textures from the rerelease as well as from Makkon. Made with QSSM and the Quake Rerelease in mind. As pointed out by Mazu below, the wind tunnel thing doesn't work in QW. I'll see if I can fix that so it'll work fine in both versions...
  13. ravenhood

    Fanatic 1.2

    This is my second map. I made my first multiplayer map in 1998. There's a central three story building with Quad at the bottom and Red Armor at the top, with lots of action in rooms and sewers around it. I tried to make it look close to official quake levels, by using the vanilla textures, but...
  14. Tonhao

    Empire of Disorder 3.0

    Vanilla episode with 9 small maps, including start, end and secret map. All maps have singleplayer, cooperative and Deathmatch settings. Background: Old rumors say that whoever picks up the Rune of Greed will be the next champion of the Empire of Disorder. You decide to go on this...
  15. Geoge_bush420

    Concrete Halls 1.1

    This is not my first map but it is the first one I think is good enough to release. It's a sort of abandoned concrete structure with pipes running through it. The map is pretty small and should accommodate about 3-4 players. The main thing I was trying to do with this map was make something...
  16. mrfancypants

    Skull Hunt by Zaka 1.0

    A retexture of Zaka's excellent Skull Hunt. I love this map, but wasn't a fan of the Quake III textures used, so I decided to retexture it.
  17. Squid V.

    Temple of Resurrection 1.0

    "A frigid, neglected temple in the far north. Foul magic spirals through the gales of howling wind." A small/medium sized deathmatch level set in and around a frosty, snow covered temple riddled with lethal traps. Also has a rather stinky secret Designed for 2-6 player FFA.
  18. Bal

    Bal's Classic Deathmatch Maps 1.0

    Using Slipgate Sightseer as a final resting place for my collection of Quake deathmatch maps, that I made in the late 90s, when Quake was still at the height of it's popularity. I had mapped for Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem 3D before, but never released anything, Quake is really the game...