1. Tonhao

    Empire of Disorder 2.3

    Vanilla episode with 9 small maps, including start, end and secret map. All maps have singleplayer, cooperative and Deathmatch settings. NOTE: A sourceport with increased limits is required. Background: Old rumors say that whoever picks up the Rune of Greed will be the next emperor of the...
  2. Geoge_bush420

    Concrete Halls 1.1

    This is not my first map but it is the first one I think is good enough to release. It's a sort of abandoned concrete structure with pipes running through it. The map is pretty small and should accommodate about 3-4 players. The main thing I was trying to do with this map was make something...
  3. mrfancypants

    Skull Hunt by Zaka 1.0

    A retexture of Zaka's excellent Skull Hunt. I love this map, but wasn't a fan of the Quake III textures used, so I decided to retexture it.
  4. Squid V.

    Resurrection 1.0

    "A frigid, neglected temple in the far north. Foul magic spirals through the gales of howling wind." A small/medium sized deathmatch level set in and around a frosty, snow covered castle riddled with lethal traps. Designed for 2-6 player FFA.
  5. Bal

    Bal's Classic Deathmatch Maps 1.0

    Using Slipgate Sightseer as a final resting place for my collection of Quake deathmatch maps, that I made in the late 90s, when Quake was still at the height of it's popularity. I had mapped for Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem 3D before, but never released anything, Quake is really the game...