1. Mazu

    Lights Camera Action MP5 1.0

    Lights Camera Action MP5 is a multiplayer map for Quake inspired by old Action Quake 2 maps. Map is built from qbj2_hcm(Condition Concrete from Brutalist Jam 2) ending area with slightly expanded areas. Contains bot navigation support for Quake 1 rerelease as well. You can also run this in...
  2. DrMelon

    A Smaller Slipgate 1.0.0

    A Smaller Slipgate -------------------by drmelon Ranger has landed a job at an experimental slipgate research facility. The facility's exit gate looks suspiciously... small. What could possibly go wrong..? This is my second Quake map; similar to my first, it's a short 5-minute map. Made with...
  3. GrazzasOnlyFans

    Deadline 2023-06-26

    Deadline Decided to challenge myself and make a quick map within a week time limit, so here it is. I started it on Sunday 18th June and "finished" it on the 25th. Because of the tight time limit, I've been unable to find play testers, but please feel free to give me feedback. It was great fun...
  4. Mista Heita

    Ancient 1.1

    Expanded version of my Coffee Quake 2 koohoo-themed entry which didnt make it into the pack. Copper version 1.20 or above is required. Will not work with Coffee Quake. Features: Interconnected layout with platforming 3 different keys Custom music track Deathmatch support Map source included
  5. Remar

    Castle Puzzlefort 3

    An exploration, jumping, and puzzle-focused level with no enemies, set in a small castle inspired by Castle Master for the Amiga. This level can also be played in deathmatch which removes the puzzles. And the horse. Neigh! You do not need any advanced Quake jumping skills to beat this level...
  6. Remar

    Deepest Oblivion 3

    Originally released in 2019, this was my first Quake level in 19 years. While making it I experimented with various setpieces, and while looking up the details of the Quake engine I learned about a bunch of tricks that mappers have used in the past. I may have put a few too many gimmicks in...
  7. Lilybug33

    Science Fair Project - A Quick Runic Romp

    Attention All Interested Participants! So this is kind of a different release for me, and probably a weird experiment on my part. To make it brief, over the past 3 months, I've been participating at a highschool "Science Research Fair", and the experiment I chose was to test the psychological...
  8. J

    Interdimensional Castle 1.6

    Playthrough Video This a single player map I made as a student project for school set in a medieval era gothic castle, inspired by Quake. It's a small sized map that lasts ~4-6 minutes where Ranger is up against a dimension-shambler who is transporting enemies into our world, gathering an army...
  9. Trashbang

    Head Reattachment Trauma 1.01

    My second Quake map after The Stars We Lost To Grief. This was an attempt to stay small-scoped and reasonable without confining myself to the strict boundaries of a 1024-unit map. It got a little out of hand, but not nearly as much as usual -- that's progress, I guess. It's not actually about...
  10. Trashbang

    The Stars We Lost To Grief 1.0

    This is my first Quake map; a short little 1024 map with a vaguely wizard/runic theme. I had a few false starts working in Quake (too ambitious, too obsessed with building some grand narrative, etc), so I forced myself into a 1024x1024x1024 cube to ensure I focused on encounter design and...