1. Makkon

    Jam Quake Brutalist Jam 2 1.2

    Over three and a half weeks, mappers created maps loosely centered around the Brutalism architectural movement. From concrete hellscapes to brutal liminal voids, imaginations and creativity ran wild in this jam, and created some truly stunning experiences! Built in the gameplay mod Copper...
  2. JPal

    Concrete Meltdown (jpqm13) 1.0

    Hey! Here's my new Quake 1 SP map - "Concrete Meltdown" (jpqm13.bsp). Map is utilizing latest progs_dump v3.0 mod devkit by dumptruck_ds. Requires a source port that supports bsp2 format (increased limits) - quakespasm works best. Features: - mid-sized base / lava theme map with some...
  3. Makkon

    Jam Quake Brutalist Jam 1.05

    Over two and a half weeks, creators new and veteran created maps centered around concrete and brutalist architecture. Built in the gameplay mod Copper (included), the pack includes 35 levels almost entirely made in the Makkon concrete texture set. It is recommended to play this pack with a...