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Hello, it's me Chuma... I hope you are all doing well and safe!

As we know it, Quake shipped with 6 multiplayer maps, dm7 acrophobia since i played the nintendo 64 version is my favorite multiplayer map, this map was in a ID Software Dev CD and some mapper completed it, it was restored as dm8 later in Quake Remastered / Enhanced (2021).

Dmxsp by Basil De Vries doesn't have this map (just from 1 to 6) and Deathmatch Dimension has it in it's map roster, DD is a complete rework and overhaul of the map, so i decided that i will do a spiritual sequel to Basil's map, in my creator vision this map is a map from this map pack (maybe as an extra or secret level).

I decided to use Copper because I wanted to try it out, so in this map I decided as a limitation just to use American Mcgee's original map and tweak it to make it playable, no one else did it, I decided to do it.

The credit is to American Mcgee for the original map, i just tweaked it and made it SP/ coop completable, and it's short, altho it's very frenetic and you need to be agile (i think), the .map file is the one released by John Romero in 2006 along with the rest of id1 map files.

I decided that historically this map has been dm7 and it will stay that way for me, in any case this is just a number… but at heart to me is dm7, i asked for a tweaked version to a Quake MP mapper and player but i never received the file so i pushed my idea to make it for Gamer's day (today, August 29 2023)


  • I fixed the supposed texture issue and the trigger_pushes.
  • Some textures were missing i "manually" restored them, they weren't even in the map altho i used texmex and created a dm7.wad that are just repeated Quake101.wad textures.
  • I used Quake101.wad but I added id1 for the Clip texture. Some monsters would get stuck in the rectangle holes on the map, i used a skip brush with the special value "notrace 1" so monsters could walk on it.
  • I picked Copper so I could use my signature Chuma tricks without using ID1 ( I don't think I'll map for id1 for a while).
  • Among the textures I restored manually, the Green sky, I decided not to use any custom sky or sky color switch like in the remaster, I thought it was the best to do to keep the essence of the map.
  • The map is brighter, I messed around with the Lights (wait and decay), it's intended to be that way, the original map was way dark.
  • I didn't per se remove any powerup, i followed the spiritual successor theme of Basil's map pack, the issue i moved some so it could be more rewarding and balanced in a way.
  • The track setup to play in this map is my favorite Quake track (Track 5 - It is r4ped [Not sure if the word can be said]), i wanted to leave it like that but for a current map i'm doing i was going to use some tracks from Iron Lung indie game (yup that terrifying game) i asked permission to David Szymanski about using the track and he said yes (content creators you can play this map with this song… The man himself approves it)
Facts post-upload:
- I didn't know this map was remade or reinterpreted by someone, i apologize for not knowing this.
- The final name is Agoraphobia, by mistake Worldspawn message or map title is "Agoraphobia" but the concept of the word fits fine :)... Agoraphobia stays.


Map section:
American Mcgee - Level Designer (original level creator).

Chuma (myself) - Mapper (Copper, monster placement, light fixes and placement).

Commoncold - Co-mapper (He took the pictures in this thread, gave me advice , found out bugs, testing).

Forte - Co-mapper (Advice, point outs, ideas, testing).

David Szymanski - Composer (Main composer and whole developer of Iron Lung where the soundtrack comes from)

Special thanks:
New Blood Interactive.
Quake mapping community (All of you my family, homies ily all).
Quake speedrunning community (Also family ily)
Quake Champions community (All of you, special to my safe homes of Nyx and Dezi communities [And herselves also]).
ID Software and especially American Mcgee for making the map.
All of you who always believe in me, friends and family, I love you all!

What do these folders contain?
  • Bsp file.
  • Track from iron lung (in FLAC, sorry but you gotta listen to this masterpiece in High Quality).
  • Map source file.
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