1. JackOfBlackPhoenix

    Vestige of V'othlog 1.0

    Vestige of V'othlog is a short four-level episode inspired by the classic themes of Quake. The project began after I fell in love with the game again thanks to 2021 re-release, which prompted me to try and develop a map of my own. As my ambitions to expand it beyond a simple vanilla episode...
  2. Chuma

    Agoraphobia (dm7sp) 1.00

    This readme should also be on slipseer site. Hello, it's me Chuma... I hope you are all doing well and safe! As we know it, Quake shipped with 6 multiplayer maps, dm7 acrophobia since i played the nintendo 64 version is my favorite multiplayer map, this map was in a ID Software Dev CD and some...
  3. T

    Deathmatch Dimension 1.03

    Deathmatch Dimension is a ten map single-player episode of classic Quake goodness, inspired by the deathmatch maps that shipped with the original game. Each map has been lovingly rebuilt from the ground up for intense combat with Quake's familiar bestiary, and can be played as a full episode in...
  4. zigi

    Disposal Of Otherworldly Monsters 1.0

    This is an extended version of my "Quake Builder Community Blockout Project #1" map, it uses SMEJ2 progs which are included in the zip.
  5. zigi

    A Verdant Dawn 1.0

    Large swampy medieval fortress inspired by E1M3, Foggy Bogbottom and The Forgotten Sepulcher from. Comes with a custom skybox and a music track. Trailer: