1. Chuma

    Agoraphobia (dm7sp) 1.00

    This readme should also be on slipseer site. Hello, it's me Chuma... I hope you are all doing well and safe! As we know it, Quake shipped with 6 multiplayer maps, dm7 acrophobia since i played the nintendo 64 version is my favorite multiplayer map, this map was in a ID Software Dev CD and some...
  2. erysdren

    Liberator - Sega Saturn Quake Viewer

    Hi! For the last few weeks I've been neck-deep in trying to rip out the innards of the Quake Sega Saturn port - It's a totally different engine, with reasonably different levels (not directly ported), so I thought it'd be fun to port to PC. That's still coming somewhere down the line, but for...