Jam SM226 - Grisly Grottos

An open community project that typically includes maps created within a period of time.
Spootnik got underwater tension just right, I was getting occasional flashbacks to Mazus Abyss of the Troglodytes at times.

Shadesmaster did verticality really nicely, I enjoyed running past those Shamblers too hehe

Yoder really made you think about the logic of the place. Echoes of Arcane Dimensions, the environment felt special.

Stickflip really nailed that 'oh I was down there earlier' thing in a short and sweet action-packed journey.

bmFbr no Based Ziggurat 🥲

Mazu I love that light sphere thing you do, loved the gratifying secrets too

Solipsist I loved this. Great tricks, audacious hot start, constant threat, great vibes. Takes skill and talent to make something so short so consummate.

Mike_C I ran the whole time, got everybody infighting and watched the kill count go up on the stats screen 😎

Magnetbox those tight underwater corridors were cool, so were the rune blocks

Lobotomy Lobster that boat journey cjased by scrags was fantastic
Mazu's map was fun as always and stickflip's Decerebration left me wanting much more. Beautiful architecture, nice lighting and smart combat setups. I liked Shades' map as well, but ran out of ammo as seemingly some others also did.
A nice treat to have a good amount of maps made in 2-3 days, and have pretty much all of them be solid. Thanks everyone for participating.
Really fun stuff for speedmap pack. Replaying short challenging maps is fine, I personally found map by Solipsist pretty interesting.

Should replay Shades map again to see if axing correct monsters will make the ammo make more sense. It wasn't too bad for a blind run either to be honest.
For a speedmapping event this one is exceptionally solid. All maps are engaging to play and they all are inventive in some way or another
Very fun pack consisting of both tricky and more standard combat and exploration type maps that are creative reactions of E1M4. Nitpicks would be some ammo placements in Shades' map, the very precise timing of managing your suit in Solipsist's and perhaps the progression post gold key sequence in Lobotomy Lobster's.