1. h4724

    Jam SM226 - Grisly Grottos 2023-09-19

    10 speedmaps + start map inspired by e1m4 - The Grisly Grotto. Mappers had 60 hours to create a map using custom progs - based on Copper and featuring the diving gear from Dwell - with no restrictions on texturing or gameplay other than the prompt. The event ran from midnight UTC on 16/09/2023...
  2. h4724

    SM226 - Grisly Grottos starts now!

    Deep below Gloom Keep, buried and forgotten for aeons, the Grisly Grotto waits... For you to hastily reinterpret it. The namesake and theme for this speedmapping session is e1m4, an all-time classic from Quake's shareware episode. There are no strict restrictions on textures or anything else for...