Euclid's Nightmare

-- Bug fixes and tweaks to difficulty for the casuals in Wussy Baby skill.

Remember, there still might be issues.

Suck it up, tough it out, walk it off for now.
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Hello! My name is Euclidius, and several criticisms of my maps were taken to heart! Difficulty has been balanced around lower difficulties so the experience is no longer quite as frustrating for people less experienced with Quake, however, the original brutal challenge nearly unaltered remains in Hard mode and Nightmare.

Several bugs were fixed like re-usable switches, and missing textures. Some of the levels have even been given quality-of-life improvements over the 1.0 release. This is the definitive edition of these levels, and I encourage you play this version over the first release on Google Drive.

If you encounter any bugs or unfinished assets it will be patched in 1.2.