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Lair Of The Dragon Ogre by Death Method. Released in 2008.
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[mj4m4.bsp] Koshta Belorn: Stair of Grief by Tronyn (Mjölnir, 2023)

I imagine there must be lot of differing opinions on the Keep mod and its everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach, but from a purely visual aspect, this map is an incredible achievement. Unparalleled in scale and ambition, Tronyn took an already sizeable template provided by his Map Jam 2 entry and created a monster of gigantic proportions and an attention to detail bordering on the ridiculous for a Quake map.

Even if you're not a fan of the gameplay, using Ironwail's nomonsters mode to just take a stroll through the Stair of Grief is an experience not to be missed.
^^ I played Towers of Torment the other day and it was amazing. That perfect combination of sound and visuals combining to create an intense mood. It reminded me of the first hellscape in the original Hellraiser movie. The broken chain-work that defies gravity gave me a weird chill, the strangeness of it. I loved the texture customisations where brickwork fades away, and the stained effect where the blood runs thick... Even those bloodfalls are perfect, they taper in just the right way as they exit the pipework. Stunning stuff!
Recently finished all of Arcane Dimensions (except the test maps) and was blown away. Hadn't played Quake 1 since the original mission packs came out (I'm really aging myself here lol) when I had my Stealth 2 video card so coming back to it in such grand fashion resulted in what I consider my best experiences playing an FPS ever, and I've been playing since Quake was shareware. The Necromancer's Keep was a masterpiece, imo. Keep up the great work, guys! Viva the Quake mapping community!