Sightseeing Thread


Feb 16, 2022

Welcome, tourists in the realms of Quake

[xj2020_bal.bsp] Eternal Return, by Bal, 2020
This is the thread to post all the cool screenshots you take on your journeys through the infinite perilous dimensions. I'd like a focus on quality composition and unconventional angles, but anyone can post their screenshots here if you think they're cool.

Rules and guidelines:
  • Please only post screenshots of other people's maps. You wouldn't go sightseeing in your own house!​
  • It's recommended that you caption your screenshot with the bsp name, title, author, and release year.​
    • If you want, you can also use the viewpos command to find the coordinates of your screenshot - Ironwail lets you copy this to clipboard with viewpos copy for easy posting.​
  • Try not to post too many screenshots of the same map. The focus is meant to be on quality, not quantity.​
  • Recommended resolution is 1080p; we don't want files getting too large.​
  • Please hide your HUD, viewmodel, and crosshair before taking screenshots - the focus is meant to be on the environment. viewmodel and crosshair can be disabled with r_viewmodel and crosshair (0 to disable, 1 to enable). Hud can be expanded/collapsed with sizeup and sizedown (+ and - by default). Other clutter like FPS counters and clocks should also be hidden.​

Happy sightseeing!

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[sm219_draqu.bsp] Untitled, by Draqu, 2022

This small open atrium in stood out to me in particular. Really adds to the height of the map, and how you can see the area past it / above it, it's a great way of showing the progression through the map with a visual marker.
[sm193_bal] "A Sip of Alkahest" by Bal, SM193 "Quakeguy goes to White Castle" 2018
One of my all time favourites and inspirations. It's an old and well known trick to show a player the destination right from the start, but in this particular map it's very effective. Tower is so welcoming, calling... idonno why exactly but it grabs me. All in all as usual for Bal brushwork is astonishingly top-notch, while not overdetailed. Encounters are quite brutal and more or less sporadic, even chaotic. Among Bal's maps it's one of less known which is a shame because map is one of his best



[ad_test3.bsp] Rotation and Exploration by MFX (2015)

As the .bsp name implies, this is actually one of the test maps from Arcane Dimensions, intended for level designers to see how the new entity stuff in AD works. But if you had not known that, I'm willing to bet you would have never guessed it, as this map is just as beautiful, well-designed, and fun to play as many of the "real" maps Arcane Dimensions has to offer, that it's basically criminal to just call it a test map. Tight, atmospheric, and does an excellent job of mixing medieval and industrial vibes into a cohesive setting.