Sightseeing Thread

Please don't post so many screenshots of the same map. I think four is probably a good maximum, although you should aim for one if possible. I hope that this restriction will challenge people to take better screenshots.
Ah. Yeah. Of course. No problem. I didn't know. Sorry. And I turned them into thumbnails so they were not bulky fullscreens
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honey.bsp - Constantly No Respect, czg, 2012

(sorry if the banded fog might bother some of yall, it tastes better to my eyes compared to the dithering)

[eoem9.bsp] Terrorcotta by Markie (Epochs of Enmity, 2020)

What a way to cap off an episode. From the beautiful brushwork to the fun and inventive gameplay (see the Ring of Shadows/Shambler section), the custom soundtrack and then the absolutely insane boss fight, Terrorcotta has it all. A definite must-play and one of my favorite Quake maps out there.
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[ctsj_pbq.bsp] Dies Irae, by PoolboyQ, 2020

ikwhite+lava+black rock is a striking combination originally shown off by Lunaran for Func Map Jam 2. What PoolboyQ adds to the equation is a sense of scale and adventure which sends the mind racing to fill in the gaps of the world which the level inhabits. The combat encounters have little complexity but still extract an extraordinary amount of fun from the monsters and weapons, in a way that's surprisingly consistent for the length and scale of the map.

[ad_grendel.bsp] Grendel's Blade by sock (2018)

I'm sure ad_grendel needs no introduction, but this particular set piece is just too beautiful not to post a screenshot of. Initially released as a standalone in 2018 and then added to the main AD package in 2020, this map is sock's masterpiece in my opinion.



[biome-pritchard.bsp] - Biome (Mr. Self Destruct) - Pritchard - 2021

One of the most visually stunning Quake maps I have ever played. This was originally going to be an entry for one of the 1024 Xmas jams, but it was later released as a standalone map. Still, Pritchard makes excellent use of the the limitation to create a fun and beautiful map.
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[purifier.bsp] The Purifier by Zothique (2021)

It's honestly hard to believe that this is the first Quake map Zothique has ever released. In terms of layout, visual coherency and combat setups this has all the signs of being made by a veteran mapper. Very impressive debut.
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[jam2_scampie.bsp] The Halls of the Blood God by Scampie, 2014

Red vampiric-looking levels are the best, and the theme goes surprisingly well with blue. Some wonderful lighting in this map.
Played this one recently, as I went back to finish a few packs I'd only touched previously. Scampie maps are always a treat, with his unmistakable lighting style and solid gameplay sensibilities. I especially loved the hidden additional "remix" in the same bsp if you find a certain secret. I kind of want to steal that trick sometime.

[mge2m2.bsp] Fading Embers by czg (Dimension of the Machine, 2021)

The release of the remaster and mg1 came completely out of left field for me, so getting two (and a half) new czg maps surprise-dropped into my lap last August was like Christmas come early. Fading Embers is the standout of the entire campaign, reaching and maybe even surpassing the heights of the author's venerable Honey pack.