The stepwell


My first mapping approach for Quake with Arcane Dimensions 1.8. It is a small single player map. COOP and DM is not supported. Please make sure that you start it with Arcane Dimensions, otherwise some features of the map will not work as expected.

Skill levels easy, medium and hard are implemented. Easy has the same amount of ammo as medium, but some monsters are replaced or removed. Hard has the same monsters as medium, but ammo is quite limited.

The map is not fully linear, but it should not be too confusing. Gameplay favors not to rush through the map. It also includes a button riddle at the end that may be a bit above the usual complexity of Quake riddles and is more like a Hexen riddle.

The skybox of the map is "dragonfire" from the Kothic Skyboxes pack. It is rotated, so that the position of the sun in the skybox fits roughly to the source of the sunlight in the map.

The music for the map is quake music track 07. It is not distributed with the map.

I have tested the map mainly with QuakeSpasm (0.94.7) but also a bit with QuakeSpasm-Spiked (self-compiled under macOS Monterey from qsrebase branch of QuakeSpasm-Spiked GIT repo).

Thanks go to:
  • Bal for mapping help and tips + awesome maps
  • Infinity for pointing me to macOS compile instructions for QuakeSpasm-Spiked
  • Makkon for incredible texture packs
  • Kell for Kothic Skyboxes
  • Dumptruck for mapping tutorials
  • All guys in the Quake Mapping Discord for help and inspiration
  • The creators of Quake, Arcane Dimensions and Trenchbroom
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Nov 5, 2022
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  1. Clean up of packaging / zip file

    - Added the prefix ad_ to the bsp/map file, to indicate that it is an Arcane Dimensions map -...

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Pretty cool little 15 minutes map. Encounters are simple. But for the 1st map this map is brilliant. Nice looking. Clean. Tasteful. Perhaps scaled down textures and overall sharpness felt strange - but for a change why not. Also I really loved last puzzle. I didn't even know Quake have any sort of variables & resetting (mappers know what I mean). Anyway puzzle felt very-very fresh (at least to me). Do more, please! And more puzzles & exploration specifically