A 5-10 minute, mostly linear level with powerful secrets whose difficulty and layout were inspired by the narrative convention of Freytag's Pyramid.
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Dec 10, 2022
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Solid build quality with polished visuals, though there's little to latch onto in terms of unique architecture or theming. The combat has some nice surprises, which are sometimes curtailed by cautious play, but generally the setups are engaging either way. Spaces are often cramped, which is aggravated by the total lack of armour on hard. I appreciated the presence of all weapons and how they're distributed, and enjoyed the secrets.

The main thing to improve is the layout. I really liked some of the individual areas, which keep the player moving and make for interesting moment-to-moment choices, but these are strung into a very linear sequence that doesn't make for the same kind of satisfying gameplay structure as the id maps.

Really solid first map, looking forward to more building on these already impressive skills!
This one is actually really cool map. Vanilla vibes but at least to me personally it felt drastically more realistic. I mean environment felt real & elaborate. Derelict old forgotten castle. Scale is appropriate. It looks beautiful & inviting for exploration. And exploration does pay off - here we have some really nice secrets nicely opening new areas. Perhaps area behing the golden door felt underdeveloped; no challenging battle in there. Anyway - recommend to play the map, it's very-very solid
Really solid Romerian design!

I really enjoyed the secrets in this map. Level is competently made with really nice lighting. Allthough i feel like it could use some more "meat" of the level, for how short it is, its really well made. so i guess i just wish there would be more of it to explore, which in opinion is proof of mappers competent design.

Aesthethics are very much the same. On point, but slightly bare-bones. Not inherently bad thing though as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. yet i sense that the creator has the potential to make state of the art maps such as Underdark Overbright episode.

For a first map this was a treat! I will eegerly await more maps from this creator!