Gameplay Mod Copper

Mods that only include changes to gameplay, but no maps of their own. Usually to be played with community Vanilla maps.
Copper is meant to be "Vanilla+", targeted at being a drop-in improvement to stock /id1/ gameplay and an equally suitable basis for new mods. It neither adds nor replaces any items, weapons, or monsters. I wanted to instead polish Quake's existing gameplay the way id might have if they'd taken the time to do so, to improve its depth and clarity as much as possible.
  • Weapons fire is not blocked by monsters in death animations
  • Ring of Shadows makes enemies less accurate in combat
  • Vore missiles have a less-than-perfect turn rate
  • Ogres are 'partially' Z-aware
  • Zombie edge cases are fixed
  • Nightmare skill is 50 max HP instead of turret-monsters
  • Cooperative limits respawns and makes death dangerous
  • Plenty more bug fixes and thoughtful adjustments
As of November 27th, 2022, the latest version is 1.20.

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Nov 27, 2022
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5.00 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.20 Now Available

    Copper has gotten a giant maintenance release. Notable bugfixes: Toggling func_walls crashing...

Latest reviews

I love every change and mapping for it is a dream with expanded QoL, while not being overwhelming in feature-set either.
You will never need anything else. Copper is the beginning and the end. I cannot play without it.
Copper has become a standard install for me and playing Quake feels strange without it. Fantastic changes!
Conservative in its changes, Copper builds on the good in Quake and adds tweaks to make it all the more tight and smooth of an experience. What may seem subtle at first will have you wishing for all mods to have Copper's changes after playing through it. Very coherent and a joy to play. Almost feels like playing Quake for the first time again, it's that good. Very classic look that is exceptionally well done. The codifier of what it means to he "vanilla+"; all the improvements you never knew you always wished you had.
100% achieves the goal to be an upgrade/tweak to the vanilla experience without going too far and feel "un-quake". All the changes are well thought out and the quality of life improvements and other new features (like the ability to carry multiple keys of the same type) are nice to have, and make it worthwhile designing maps for Copper specifically. It does feel like what might have happened if the guys at id were not burned out and had some more time to finish the game.

Makes old vanilla maps feel fresh again.