Chuma's experimental archives Vol. 1

Author : Chuma.

This is a series of maps i've made... i've decided to compile them in a single release... They were intended to be archived, so i'm gonna summarize:

Connor (Quake Speedruns Explained project) asked me if i could help him make 2 "almost on the limit maps" for his youtube video and here are those maps, one of them is protocol 666 (Vanilla or standard map distance unit) and another is protocol 999 (Limit removing).

So a map within a Folder called "Copper" is a map i've made in Copper 1.3

A Found footage from the cursed Doom 3DO version was found with a different map, confirmed by Rebecca Heineman to be just a test map to display Doom for said console.

Someone recreated it in Doom (

Then i recreated it in Quake (

i just called it 3DODoombadmap or something similar, in Copper 1.3 (im PRETTY sure you can run it in vanilla)

It includes At doom's gate instrumental version from the 3DO with Tempo and pitch corrected to make it a simple meme.

Made it in 1 hour when i was bored, i promise that i will release some cool or average playable maps soon, working on them... hugs for all of you.
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