My first solo map. Bleak fantasy with industrial bits. Medium sized for 15-25 minutes of playtime. Non-linear and therefore a bit confusing. Also map introduces some sort of stealth gameplay with the ability to eliminate some of the ambushes if appropriate secrets are found in time. All in all experience is harder than vanilla, closer to DOMA difficulty.

REQUIREMENTS: latest Copper



Copper Mod by Matthew "Lunaran" Breit
Textures by Ben "Makkon" Hale
Music by BouncyTEM

THANKS to creators of TrenchBroom, Compiler & GUI for Compiler, ModelViewer, TexMex. THANKS to Dumptruck, Fairweather, Markie & Yoder for their video tutorials & level design commentaries. THANKS to all Quake mappers for help & inspiration. THANKS to Quake creators for the game & the engine

SPECIAL THANKS to (in alphabetical order) 4LT, EberN150, Fairweather, Gila, Mazu & Yoder for playtesting & comments
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alexUnder Ros
Release date
Aug 18, 2022
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4.44 star(s) 16 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 1.01

    - Turned small ammo boxes into large ones at the starting floor & added ammo to some secret...

Latest reviews

Cool visuals that feel fresh, a visual theme we haven't seen in Quake yet.
The open layout is nice, sometimes a bit confusing, and there are some interesting combat encounters. Towards the end of my playthrough I was a bit frustrated because I had quite a few rockets but no weapon to use them with, feels like I missed a grenade launcher somewhere.
Loved the visuals, a true evolution of the runic theme. Combat was a tad tedious at times, but that doesn't take much away from the overall package.
I got big pleasure of playing it. Excellent job.
Nice looking map. Beautiful lighting and the ambushes help the map flow really nicely. Great work
this map kept pulling the rug out from under me in the most delightful ways. really imaginative encounters, and absolutely dripping with atmosphere
I really liked the untraditional texturing and architecture. Interesting encounters and layout setups. Good atmosphere. Challenging.
"Connected set of puzzle/trap rooms" is not my personal favorite Quake map genre, but it's certainly legit. And this instance is put together in an interesting way (once you get a bit further into it) with great presentation. Really glad I tried it only AFTER the item tweaking :) because yeah the ammo scarcity felt like it was just where you can feel it a bit on skill 2.
This map gave off some Amid Evil vibes and that's a good thing! I thought the map design was outstanding. I loved the idea of having to collect all the orbs and each of them having what seemed like small little sacred place that they were being kept. The overall environment really felt like an out of this world actual place that you needed to explore. I'm a big fan of the pacing too. I wasn't constantly being bombarded by enemies. There was time in between encounters to look around and figure out what's going on and explore. Overall, top notch map! Very very pleased with it!
This was great! Wonderful brushwork and use of textures, especially in the outdoor zones. The distant facades making you feel like you're in a much larger environment were a nice touch. The secrets were quite interesting too - it's pretty rare to see secrets that let you directly manipulate the fight itself, and the areas they were contained in were very detailed, like ruined/crumbling maintenance areas hidden in the walls. There is the pit secret that can softlock you unfortunately, but Mazu already mentioned that. Overall, I had fun!
It's fun, challenging and the non-linearity is very well crafted that adds to replayability. The aspect I loved the most is the tone, it gives the feeling of an opressive atmosphere of a ancient elder god temple. Loved it!