Strideh's Galleon Textures


Jul 8, 2022
Mandurah, Western Australia
Strideh submitted a new resource:

Strideh's Galleon Textures - Wooden planks, beaten iron and rope netting.

Wooden planks, beaten iron and rope netting.

A full set of textures made for my Remix Jam entry, where I remade UT's DM-KGalleon. I had time to cook up lots of jolly roger inspired textures, including old parchments, coloured banners and even a cannon.

While I first made everything to suit my needs, I tried to expand the set as I went with colour and style variations for all your pirate-y desires. Some textures are a little rushed here and there as I made these alongside the entry.


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This is a marvellous texture set, really well put together with lots of great deatils. And I think you made the best looking ship ever seen in Quake, I had great fun playing that. Fantastic work, thank you.
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