Strideh's Galleon Textures

Wooden planks, beaten iron, coloured sails and rope netting.

A full set of textures made for my Remix Jam entry, where I remade UT's DM-KGalleon. I had time to cook up lots of jolly roger inspired textures, including old parchments, coloured banners and even a cannon.

While I first made everything to suit my needs, I tried to expand the set as I went with colour and style variations for all your pirate-y desires. Some textures are a little rushed here and there as I made these alongside the entry.

I've included a map full of various props I made for my Remix Jam entry (where the whole source should be available if you want it), and a couple of cannonball models I also used there.

WAD Preview.png
Props Preview.png
WAD Preview 2.png

WAD Preview 3.png
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Feb 5, 2024
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  1. Version 2

    Added some more colours to the painted sails, carpet and barrels, as well as some more grating...