Rotting Jam


Jul 8, 2022
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Rotting Jam - Decay and disrepair

Rotting Jam

Rotting Jam is a collection of seven maps created over a period of two weeks for Arcane Dimensions with the theme "Decay and disrepair".


  • alexUnder
  • Chuma
  • CommonCold
  • en tsoy
  • nickster
  • Strideh
  • ZetaByt


4LT, with assistance from Spootnik


Extract zip file to your engine folder; mod is standalone (comes with AD files).

Tested in Ironwail.


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I will copy and paste what i pasted in the .txt file, just a micro patch for my map, goes on my own.

Here goes the copy-paste:

Micro patch of Salrath's Tomb by Chuma (rotj_chuma)

I do wanna preserve the artistic integrity of this map, and i accepted all flaws, these changes are just aesthetic.

small disclaimer : Both maps are playable from start to end (referring to the map files in the jam and these), so these are the fixes:

Changes in particular (2 of them)

- Some players have killed the Boss (Salrath / Judicator) and have gone for the escape button, by miraculous mapping design somehow this worked, i realized that the door in the right (final door, there is a left and right door) had a toggle therefore closing the right door but not the left if this "test scenario" or scenario happened, said Toggle is removed, if the player actually kills the boss and presses the button, the player can still escape.

- There was a floating light in the secret metal area secret, altho barely noticeable, just some unit-moving to solve it out.

I was going to leave this alone but the output folder was the one in other jam im working on but the map works, the fixes i've made, if there's any incident you can tell me but honestly there will be no further patch from this map.

This patch has no change in new areas, monsters, secrets, anything, other than that couple of things.

for Speedrunners : You can play this version or the one in the jam, should be the same, if there is any major glitches, refer to the one in the jam file compilation (i mean play it).

I didn't play test beyond to check for another micro bugs, should work.

Thank you and have a pleasant day, night, enjoy this map, i'm very proud of it.

Best wishes and Excelsior!



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