Quake Brutalist Jam announcement


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Jun 5, 2022

Quake Brutalist Jam

Make a map featuring concrete forms and strong geometric shapes after the style of the Brutalism architectural movement from post-war 1950s-70s.
“Brutalist buildings are characterized by minimalist constructions that showcase the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design.” There’s a lot that can be left to interpretation in order to justify playable spaces and encounters for Quake, but overall the shape and scale of your forms should feel minimalist or monolithic. Get creative with some otherworldly megastructures if you like, or inexplicable floating void spaces! Just make sure to always return to the core design principles of Brutalism.


START TIME / DATE: Friday Sept 9th 12am PST (UCT -08:00)
DEADLINE TIME / DATE: Sunday Sept 25th Midnight PST (UCT -08:00)
TEXTURES: Any wad, must focus on concrete. Recommended makkon_concrete.
PROGS: Copper 1.19
NAMING: qbj_authorname

-How to Submit Your Entry-

Send your submissions to be via Discord (Makkon#7180).
Please ensure all files are included and placed in their respective directories (ie, custom music tracks go in “music” and skybox textures go in “gfx/env”).

-Rules and Guidelines-

Any texture wads that include concrete are allowed. Must heavily focus on concrete!
Map must be compatible with Quakespasm Source Port or derivatives.
Map must be compatible with the latest version of Copper.
Map must have its trigger_changelevel set to start.
If you would like a custom music track, please claim a track number on Discord or this thread.

For those wanting to participate, it's recommended that you join us on the Quake Mapping Discord! https://discord.gg/theR9UW9fZ
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