High Noon In Akhetaten


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Sep 25, 2022
LazyTown, USA
ExaByt submitted a new resource:

High Noon In Akhetaten - Large outdoor Egyptian map, largely based on Serious Sam's Karnak level. Needs more knights.

Something I had initially joked about making at multiple points, got bored and decided to try it, because an outdoor map seemed fun to mess with at least once.

- - -

Map requires Copper v1.20 [not included]

- - -

Tested in:

~Ironwail (extensively)

~vkQuake (enough to know it works)

~QuakeSpasm Spiked (some of the skybox disappears at a distance, map seems to work fine beyond that)

~QuakeSpasm (requires sv_protocol 999 to work properly, functionally the...

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ExaByt updated High Noon In Akhetaten with a new update entry:

Small Fixes

~Moved the trigger for getting the gold key early back to where it should've been
( I think I moved it to test something and forgot to put it back, whoops )

~Fixed some triggers that had angles on them when they shouldn't have, causing them to not work properly

~Added an additional kill trigger

~Changed the lights on a secret shoot switch and two secret buttons to try and make them stand out more

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ExaByt updated High Noon In Akhetaten with a new update entry:

Version 1.2 - The Copper 1.30 Update

~Updated map to require Copper 1.30 (mostly for the nightmare changes)

~Made the map slightly harder (mix of anti-cheese, changing how certain encounters work and buffing monster counts)

~Replaced the zombies (this is a balancing measure, weirdly)

~Added a bit more to the ending tunnel (visual fluff)

~Removed some redundant triggers

~Re-integrated a previously cut trap

~Added a new secret alternate ending room (can still...

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What was this in before? I know I've played a version of this map before but I can't recall where.
In my previous review of this map, I forgot to mention that there is an entrance to the side of the large arena that can be opened with a gold and a silver key. I hadn't found the silver key for this door? Here is also a video of my run through this map.