1. erysdren

    Erysdren's Random Quake Textures & Edits 1.0

    Includes various sets: - Runic remakes - Bricks - Tudor-styled walls - Spawn-infested base - Brutalist styled textures - Textures inspired by "In The Mountains Of Madness" - Random id1 edits Terms of Use: You may ONLY use these textures in free maps & mods running in the Quake engine. Any other...
  2. Bal

    Dwell Episode 2 Textures 1

    Dwell Episode 2 Textures These are most of the textures that I made and modified for the second episode of Dwell. They are a mix of new stuff I made specifically for the episode and modified textures from Heretic 2. There are also some various textures from other places in there. The green...
  3. Bal

    DM4Bal - More from The Bad Place 1.0

    A collection of textures I made during "DM4 Jam", using the original id textures from dm4.bsp, and expanding them to give me more options, mostly with lots of added trims and such.
  4. alexUnder Ros

    Liquids Textures 2022-07-10

    I did not make them, I only collected all those liquids textures into one wad. If you see your texture in here, please, don't hesitate to contact and name yourself, so proper credits may be made
  5. radiatoryang

    Koohoo textures 3

    Aztec / Maya / vaguely Mesoamerican themed blue-green stone ruin textures with some sci-fi alien motifs. Variety of mossy castle stone walls, temple carvings, rock / cliffs, water, and foliage textures, as well as misc tool textures. Authors: - originally by @Vondur for The Castle of Koohoo...
  6. Makkon

    Makkon Textures 4.2.2

    The Makkon texture wads come in many different themes and color variations, all in a cohesive art style, allowing for mixing and experimenting with colors and surfaces to help a mapper create stunning environments. All zip files contain multiple images of examples and documentation on using...