quake rerelease

  1. RhapsodyInGeek

    Quake Champions Classic 7.1

    PURE SPEED. PURE SKILL. PURE FPS. Quake Champions Classic seeks to mix the champion gameplay and balance from Quake Champions with the retro aesthetics and community expandability of both the multiplayer and single player of the original Quake. FEATURES Champion active and passive...
  2. Immorpher

    Quake Enhanced Add-ons Server (KEX Quake / Quake Rerelease)

    Thanks to @Joel B we have an add-on server for Quake Enhanced (also known as KEX Quake / Quake Rerelease) working! It's simple to set up and new map sets will appear right from the game's add-ons menu. Here's all the details: https://kexquake.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html And here's a video...