1. N

    HLQuake 1.0

    This is the first full release of HLQuake featuring its first bespoke map! It contains a fully functional gravity gun that can pick up and launch objects like boxes, gibs, and grenades as well as pull in ammo health, keys, and armor. All ammo spawns in breakable boxes that can be used as...
  2. Greenwood

    Realm of The Lieutenant 1.1

    This is the very overdue, packaged episode that "The Lieutenant" started but unfortunately never completed. I basically packaged the already-chained-together maps by The Lieutenant, with the exception of the last map, number six. Since lthsp6 was never officially created, I took LT's last &...
  3. Motorboy

    QuaddictedTool 1.2.3

    Utility for viewing and downloading maps from the website. You can add colored labels, comments, an alternative description (you can use it for your notes, for example) to each map-mod. Ability to sort the database by name, title, size, author, date, rating. Ability to search by...
  4. E

    Jam Re:Mobilize Jam 1: Re:Collections 1.0

    A jam held from August 1, 2023 to October 1, 2023, featuring 4 maps all making use of the Re:Mobilize mod and its signature movement-based mechanics! Maps included: - Re:Collections (start) by EmeraldTiger Music: "Old Cosmic Entity" by Samuel Francis Johnson...
  5. 4LT

    Jam Rotting Jam 1.0.0

    Rotting Jam Rotting Jam is a collection of seven maps created over a period of two weeks for Arcane Dimensions with the theme "Decay and disrepair". Contributors alexUnder Chuma CommonCold en tsoy nickster Strideh ZetaByt Organizers 4LT, with assistance from Spootnik Instructions Extract zip...
  6. darkfader

    Escape from Alpha Prime mod release (incomplete)

    Preview: I am releasing the current state of my mod in hopes that the community will be able to pick up development on it. It is currently sitting on my desktop, and I won't have any time for a while to put into it. Also, there is a tremendous amount of experience, intelligence, and...
  7. Q

    Quake: Mjölnir 2023-06-23

    PLEASE NOTE: Patch 1 is provided below and can be applied to an existing download. If you have not yet downloaded Mjolnir, an updated full download including the patch pre-applied is uploading right now. -Qmaster 6/26/23 11:31am CST Teaser Video: Announced in 2021 (), Quake: Mjölnir is a...
  8. Q

    Keep v1.00.0 1.00.0

    Compiled by Qmaster --- The culmination of 16yrs work, Keep provides a massive amount of content for mappers to use to make the Quake map they've always dreamed of. Keep combines the content from numerous mods over these past 27 years of Quake including Drake, Arcane Dimensions, Rubicon...
  9. J

    Bot Questions

    Hello all, Are there any QC resources related to the bots that were added to the updated Quake engine? I see that there are some new items added to the defs.qc and ai.qc files that are related to the bots and nav maps. There is the bot.qc as well. I'm looking for info how much control we have...
  10. P

    func_vehicle v0.11

    func_vehicle is a right not a privilege func_vehicle is primarily meant for other modders, to function as a drop-in "put vehicles in my mod" add-on, rather than a standalone mod. There is a small test map called "bumpytest" that you can run to check out the currently included car. Drive...
  11. 4LT

    Jam Modding Jam 2019 1.0

    Eight small mods introducing new weapons, items, or gameplay features. Contributors: @khreathor (organizer) @aDaya @Bloodshot ish JCR Redfield Scrama @shamblernaut Uploaded with permission from khreathor
  12. 4LT

    Jam Modding Jam 2022 1.0

    Hosted in January/February of 2022, this jam is composed of 7 mods introducing new gameplay mechanics under the theme of AI - but not the job-stealing kind! Contributors: @khreathor Organizer @4LT Modder, Leading-Shot Turret Asaki Modder, Neko for Quake! @bmFbr Modder, Skaarj for...
  13. E

    Eyeris Macula - Slipseer; Free To Use Quake Music! (Vol. 1) 1.0

    10 Free to use tracks for your Quake projects. All files are in 44.1 kHz in OGG format. For loseless quality (48 kHz, 24-bit FLAC) tracks, they are available on my Bandcamp page. I would appreciate your support!
  14. Makkon

    Jam Quake Brutalist Jam 1.05

    Over two and a half weeks, creators new and veteran created maps centered around concrete and brutalist architecture. Built in the gameplay mod Copper (included), the pack includes 35 levels almost entirely made in the Makkon concrete texture set. It is recommended to play this pack with a...
  15. quadmin

    The Deep 1.0

    The Deep The first level of a five map episode for Quake, with all new monsters and weapons. Uses the Quake 2 Marine mod. 3 all new monsters Tweaks to several vanilla monsters to make them fit better in an underwater setting Several new props and item pickups Uses the latest version of the...