1. 4LT

    Jam Modding Jam 2019 1.0

    Eight small mods introducing new weapons, items, or gameplay features. Contributors: @khreathor (organizer) @aDaya @Bloodshot ish JCR Redfield Scrama @shamblernaut Uploaded with permission from khreathor
  2. 4LT

    Jam Modding Jam 2022 1.0

    Hosted in January/February of 2022, this jam is composed of 7 mods introducing new gameplay mechanics under the theme of AI - but not the job-stealing kind! Contributors: @khreathor Organizer @4LT Modder, Leading-Shot Turret Asaki Modder, Neko for Quake! @bmFbr Modder, Skaarj for...
  3. E

    Eyeris Macula - Slipseer; Free To Use Quake Music! (Vol. 1) 1.0

    10 Free to use tracks for your Quake projects. All files are in 44.1 kHz in OGG format. For loseless quality (48 kHz, 24-bit FLAC) tracks, they are available on my Bandcamp page. I would appreciate your support!
  4. Makkon

    Jam Quake Brutalist Jam 1.05

    Over two and a half weeks, creators new and veteran created maps centered around concrete and brutalist architecture. Built in the gameplay mod Copper (included), the pack includes 35 levels almost entirely made in the Makkon concrete texture set. It is recommended to play this pack with a...
  5. quadmin

    The Deep 1.0

    The Deep The first level of a five map episode for Quake, with all new monsters and weapons. Uses the Quake 2 Marine mod. 3 all new monsters Tweaks to several vanilla monsters to make them fit better in an underwater setting Several new props and item pickups Uses the latest version of the...