alkaline 1.2.2

  1. ExaByt

    Site Z-374: Alkaline Conversion 1.01

    - - - Requires Alkaline Version 1.2.2 [ This is included in Archive Version 1.01 and future versions moving forward ] Big Note: The old 1.0 release version does not include Alkaline Version 1.2.2, so if using the old release version you will most likely need this...
  2. Tonhao

    Ruins of the Unforgotten Souls 1.1.1

    Ruins of the Unforgotten Souls Small medieval map for alkaline 1.2.2 with singleplayer, coop and deathmatch support. The map was initially going to be my entry into a Brazilian jam, but I decided to publish it separately. The map also has messages in portuguese and english simultaneously...