This is in my opinion the best looking Honey-themed map to date. But it's not only about the beautiful visuals, it's full of interesting places to explore, it's enigmatic, challenging but not frustrating. Highly recommended
Great visuals - I love maps with a sense of scale and strong location - looking up and seeing this huge imposing tower loom over you is great stuff - and then later on getting to look back down to see how far you've come is awesome and something I've tried to do in my maps too - but you was much more successful I'd say! Visually I love the aesthetic and the tone, you really nailed it.

Each combat encounter seemed to surprise me and trick me but never felt unfair - just playful and challenging. It was a blast to play through, I was actually giggling to myself at points because of how fun it felt

Great stuff and can't wait to see more!
Great honey themed map, lots of secret hunting fun with added super secret which is a personal favourite of mine. will keep you busy for a few hours
Great map, definitely captures the vibes of Honey, especially reminiscent of Sock's iteration from the Honey Jam.