The Randomizer Special 2



Be sure to peruse each mapper's readme file to see their randomizer results!


The Randomizer excel document is included in the .zip, if you are interested in playing with it.​
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Jun 10, 2023
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  1. Small fixes 2

    - Fixed the puzzle reset in sm225_riktoi.
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    Minor fixes: - Fixed a possible softlock in sm225_riktoi. - Made jumping into map portals no...

Latest reviews

I can't believe I missedf this at the time, what a tasty snack for a washout afternoon.

I think it would be cool for future Randomizer Jams to have each maps criteria listed in-game near their entry points. Sure, we should all be reading the READMEs — eventually — but it'd be nice to avoid alt-tabbing, and I think you don't really get the essence of the jam if you don't know what the mappers challenge is.

Based on how enjoyably the maps fit the criteria, Konig really delighted here. At first I thought the repeated illusory pattern was a bit of a cop-out but the way that motif was extended was really cool. Exhilerating combats in the final arena. My aesthetic snobbishness had qualms about the slightly cacophonous ornamental brushwork styles but in terms of how the environment worked with combat, it was surprisingly & extremely well-judged. Delightful. One big grievance, a very common anti-pattern: don't give people flavour text or instructions with the same trigger that surrounds them with angry enemies.

For me Koohoo + Soulsucker = Dwell 2 Abyss of the Troglodytes. The vibe translated just as well to Spootniks map, gorgeous dripping sickly hypnotic adrenaline euphoria vibe. Unremittingly cruel, an incredibly satisfying brutal challenge.

Riktois puzzles were great — very challenging. Not my favourite outing of Knave but there was some nice brushwork.

Rabbit did incredibly well in rising to the hyper-restrictive challenge of only 8 textures from CR8 set. Judiciously challenging combat, good ammo starvation near the start. Overall impecable industrial style exercise. Asks a lot of the players physical navigation skills, my knees hurt.

Greenwood: nice naturalistic crate work as ever — annoyed I couldn't find the secret in that room. I really enjoyed the zombies + ogres + vores cramped quarters exchange.
Very cool concepts on most of the maps, but some flawed gameplay moments. While Greenwood made a really solid standard Quake experience it was fairly unsurprising. Riktoi gets some points for nice variety of challenges even if frustrating as usual haha.

Overall really enjoyable highs and few frustrating lows.
I wouldn't have thought that so many random factors could result in such great little maps. But here all 5 are really world class.

- I'm not a big fan of monsters spawning behind me, but in Greenwood's pyramid it's incredibly fitting.

- The cascade of secrets in King's map is very fun to play.

- The map of Rabbit is pure terror with constant lack of ammo and very fun to play acceleration strips

- The puzzles in Riktois Map make you feel like Indiana Johnes.

- Spootnik's map has an exciting and difficult final fight
For me the maps were a bit variable (and not just because of the randomiser's effect on their contents!).

I really actually enjoyed Konig's map - and found all the secrets - although there's definitely some difficult combat in there. Greenwood's map is, in a sense, the most straightforward, but I did like the non-linearity and the little bits of map design where you can see other parts of the solution from any given part.

spoot and riktoi's maps are, I felt, much harder than the above two are (at least, on skill 0) - I basically only survived the initial bits of spoot's map by running desperately through sections until I found somewhere I could hide (and I can't do the final section of it without godmode); riktoi's map obviously has allowances for skill 0 (there's a message that implies one enemy in a puzzle room is significantly worse on higher skills), but there's some tricky jumps and a puzzle which is punitive due to it not resetting if you get it wrong partway through (which I eventually no-clipped).

rabbit's map... I can't do enough of to tell you what I think of. (I'm at ~5 kills and there's a jump I guess I'm supposed to be able to make, but...). I think the start is a bit... intense... for skill 0 tbh.

4/5 although that's partly because Konig's map put me in a good mood.
A very tightly designed and playful pack from 5 amazing mappers. The maps are a joy to navigate, from the point of view of not getting lost, and the artistry at play too. The encounters are often layered, and sometimes just a little cruel but not impossible even on NM. The randomiser one can assume helped with the creativity of some progression and puzzles but it doesn't feel gimmicky at all.