Hello, Had a great time. I could have happily spent a lot longer exploring and given I found no secrets on my first playthrough I probably will. I love the richly detailed environment and ambience of the level. Very economical and no wasted space. I really liked the backtracking and multi story walkways. Would platform here again.
The map was professionally done. I had a big pleasure playing it.
Really nice one. There are issues as others have mentioned, like the gameplay being a bit one tone, while still being fun tho, and the somewhat copy paste feeling hallways in places.

In terms of atmosphere and style this one is off the charts. I am not usually a big fan of the Quake 3 textures, but the way they were used here is very well done. It also gave me Jean-Pierre Jeunet vibes (esp City of Lost Children), albeit a bit more metal, what with the skulls and such, with a bit of Shiny circa MDK/Messiah thrown in, which vibes wise is a plus in my book.

Also very unique, esp for Quake. Really loved the rickety looking walkways and deep chasms. Very oppressive.

Another slight crit would be that it seems the map is not vis'd and it is possible to see the void at some point when looking up, which breaks the immersion a bit, if void color is set to default (or anything non black.)

Looking forward to more maps from you and strongly agree with Fairweather regarding an M2 to this :)
This map has some flaws, but overall I absolutely love it. It's aesthetic is wonderfully dark and grungy, easily capturing my imagination with it's rattling chains and distant screams. The music track also perfectly matches not only the look of the level, but also it's gameplay by being intense without necessarily being fast paced.

The level is largely comprised of a series of repeating rooms and hallways. While the repetition was not a problem for me, it would have been nice to maybe have some more variety in the locations. That being said, I think this level does a great job at using low level enemies creatively and intelligently, actually placing enemies like dogs and enforcers in such a way that they posed a real threat. The few times monsters like Shamblers showed up, it was a real treat that caught me off guard.

I would LOVE to see more maps like this, as I adore the aesthetic. The design is really great for it being a small, tight level, and the vibes are absolutely there. I will definitely be playing this quite a few more times!
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Loved the lighting, the colours & the geometry. Everybody's so big into Honey-sized chains we often forget normal chains are cool too 😔

Remember to drop this in your ./copper folder 😅

I found the vibe of the place worked especially well with Immorphers Bandither shader, which accentuated the crunchy grunginess of the map.
I loved the detail and atmosphere in this level, and the ending was super fun :D.
Very impressive visually map. Well quite a bit of dublicating hallways, but damn those hallways are VERY cool. To me personally felt like some Silent Hill rotten part. But also too detailed for secrets - I found a single one. Annoying to look for a secret in a space with such an amount of colorful details. Also loved sprawling intricately interconnected looped layout. Battles were quite simple - just enter and shoot, mobs were waiting for me, no real waves or complicate ambushes. But in such narrow spaces all battles felt challenging, so no complaints. Even way to hard sometimes - which is good. All in all I just want more. Vaster spaces maybe. More varied spaces
Very unique and highly detailed quake 3 texture usage is the first thing that strikes you when you get into this map. Then you realize that how efficiently mapping tricks were used to make it. It is almost overdetailed, but it works fine as a very claustrophobic Quake level.

Gameplay is pretty nice and challenging to some extent, but mostly just shooting behind corners because of the map layout. Really wish it would've had an arena or 2 with more interesting encounters. Finding secrets in this detail feast is almost impossible though. Even when noclipping around you have to be lucky to find one every 5 minutes.

All in all this is a pretty impressive technical achievement as a map.
This was really fun! The gameplay felt constantly on-stilts, in a good way- like I was fighting for space in these gorgeous cramped tunnels. It would have been cool to see a bit more variety in locations / gameplay styles however, it all runs together in a way and felt a bit copy-paste at times. Hope to see an "m2" for this one someday :)