5-10 minutes of vibes and violence, give or take. No co-op starts, difficulties implemented but not a huge difference really. More text than most entire episodes of Quake 1.

Tested in Ironwail and briefly in regular Quakespasm. Requires Alkaline 1.2, makes extensive use of Makkon textures. (Gosh those are some good textures.)

My first finished Q1 map, feedback welcome, particularly on if the signposting of where to go next makes any sense to anyone else.

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Sep 13, 2023
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I've never been a big alkaline fan and probably won't be anymore. But Holy Shit. It's breathtaking how much atmosphere and story there is in this map. The last big fight was a bit easy due to the size of the area, but apart from that a really impressive masterpiece for a first map.
Extremely impressive for a first map! Really nailed that Alkaline urban aesthetic. Great scripting, engaging story, exciting encounters. Signposting was almost perfect IMO. My one significant criticism is that as seamless as most of the flow is — never got lost, directions clear, design intuitive — the environment suggested a bigger adventure, which had the effect of making the end anti-climactic despite the otherwise excellent narrative & combat culmination: the whole time I was in the second checkpoint I was expecting the third to be next.

My less significant criticism, which applies to pretty much all text-contingent Quake maps, is that the default message duration is not long enough to read the contents: I always have to bring down the console to catch them, which screws immersion a bit. I think it ought to be a matter of standard practice for progs_dump users to give 4 or so seconds for multi-line messages.
Great opening map. Fights aren't anything to really write home about but they're competent. Aesthetic uses Alkaline well.

Had a little trouble in the middle figuring out where to go but I ultimately did find the plot.
great first map with a cool narrative/theme where you're rescuing civilians from axe murdering fascist raids

it's not a difficult or particularly innovative quake map from a combat perspective, but the vibes are incredible so you should give it a play anyway. just a great short map