Jam Coppertone Summer Jam

An open community project that typically includes maps created within a period of time.

Coppertone Summer Jam​

This Jam event was took place on the #Quake Mapping Discord and func_msgbrd from July 1, 2020 until July, 15 2020. It was organized and managed by Lunaran with assistance from Comrade Beep. Mappers were encouraged to focus on gameplay elements.​


  1. Extract the content of this archive with directories preserved into your Copper base dir (etc/quake/copper/ <- here).​
  2. Run Quake with -game copper (or switch to Copper through the in-game menu if your engine of choice supports this)​
  3. Type "map ctsj_start" at the console.​


ctsj_artisticalBeneath An Ivory Facade, It Watches You WritheArtistical
ctsj_doom_popeThe Pumps of DagonDoom_Pope
ctsj_greenwoodBlue BrawlsGreenwood
ctsj_h4724The Veiled BasinH4724
ctsj_ionousThe Great Sea WeptIonous
ctsj_juzThe Dismal OmeletteJuzley
ctsj_lunaranQuad is a Four Letter WordLunaran
ctsj_markieGrim GallowsMarkie
ctsj_pinchySandworn FortressPinchy
ctsj_poolboyqDies IraePoolboyQ
ctsj_quasiotterTHERE ARE NO NEW IDEASQuasiotter
ctsj_radiatoryangOnce More, With Feelingradiatoryang
ctsj_shadesDemesne of SorrowsShadesmaster
ctsj_startFoundryComrade Beep
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Jul 17, 2020
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Latest reviews

This jam has some really strong maps standing out above a baseline that's pretty good as well. The Copper mod of course does wonders both for the moment-to-moment level of fun and also the potential for mappers to create original scenarios, with quality of life that helps get the most out of the time available. Mapping for this jam certainly sold me on the Copper mod for life.

The Dismal Omlette by Juzley, which instantly made me a fan through cleverly layered combat with hidden enemies, serves as a precursor and teaser for The Punishment Due. Grim Gallows by Markie is what really solidified his status as a legend of detailing, storytelling, and fun-first gameplay early on. Primordial by JCR is still one of the all-time peaks of exploration gameplay in Quake, even among fierce competition from JCR himself.

Just slightly below those three in my estimation, you still have some very enjoyable maps like Lunaran's Quad is a Four Letter Word squeezing the absolute most out of a tight vertical layout as well as Copper's own changes; Dies Irae by PoolboyQ providing scale and adventure to the ikwhite/lava combination pioneered by Lunaran in Func Map Jam 2; and Sunscorched by Grome introducing a new and thematically appropriate mechanic, though not quite giving it the full conclusion it deserved.
Absolutely fantastic pack here. The standouts to me are Markie's fantastic singleplayer rendition of Grim Dungeons (q3dm14), JCR's wild nonlinear beautiful lava cavern, and Juzley's map which feels like it could've fit right into The Punishment Due (which is one of my favorites!).

A must play.
So many bangers in this jam.

Juzley giving us what would end up as the precursor to Pun, JCR's crazy nonlinear lava caves, h4724 and PoolboyQ coming out of the gate with a splash, Newhouse taking their brand of eclectic hostile-to-player design to crazy places. The list goes on and on.

This is one of my favorite Jam releases to date, if not my absolute favorite. Not only is the quality on point, but the diversity is there to back it up.
Great set of maps in general. Some better, some worse, but all interesting this way or another. Personally for me Lunaran and Markie maps stood out. With Lunaran's I was highly impressed (and inspired) by that tricky layout with elevator in the center; really inventive. With Markie's I loved its secrets and visuals, up to date it looks as most hostile dark fantasy as I know among his maps - love bloody gloomy visuals. Also it's huge! For 20 minutes no less. Anyway all maps are great. Ionous, Newhouse, Com.Beep... etc. great company of heroes!