Cold Light

What a little masterpiece. It starts out very slowly and then builds to a truly breathtaking finale. The maps hit my rythm exactly and I played the episode in one piece. A few more secrets might have been appropriate given the sheer size of the final maps, and the searching would have invited you to linger a bit longer.
Except for getting softlocked out of map #2 (do NOT go near the lift wall in the final arena room or you will get teleported back behind a locked door), I rather enjoyed this. Guessing the author was trying to make an "explore further" option & a trigger brush sticks out too much. He definitely loves his knights! I would've only set up the folder a bit better by placing the maps in a "maps" folder & making a little start map, so one could simply drag the folder into the directory, type "game coldlight" & instantly get into the groove. Nice little vanilla episode in general though & a great first ep for TheADrain. :)
Thanks for making me aware of this bug, that is a nasty one! I'll get it fixed asap. Glad you enjoyed it otherwise :)
Tru vanilla experience. It's not perfect as let's say UDOB and PUN. But still extremely impressive & memorable experience. It starts plainly with a little 15 minutes map. Reminded me a bit of DOMA Astrologers starting map with all those floating stones in void & platforming. But even next map starts to show up exclusive leaning toward non-linear approach rarely seen in anything vanilla. Intricate cave system with multiple routes - 2nd map I mean. And 3rd map is the shiny diamond of it all! It's open big medieval city with no hand-holding, while goals are always clear and at least I never felt confused where to go, what to do. It's like Nameless City but nice non-ugly and actually feels like city. Tons of areas just for exploration, where you can get some extra armor or some other goodie. 4th map is gigantic. To the point it felt a bit tedious. But still it's veeery impressive

In general episode tries to be inventive with encounters. My absolute favourite is with cages near RL - when you will appear there, you will understand

Visuals are kinda vanilla. Simplictic and blocky. But at times some specific places look extremely outstanding. Final map especially. Jaw dropping moments are all there

Must-play! Will be waiting for next map or episode from the author
I really enjoyed this escalating mini-episode. There's one or two slightly broken triggers in the final map for me (I get the text "exit_rune_2" and so on, rather than whatever is supposed to be printed, and one of the sequence-of-buttons-with-monsters triggers seemed to not work on skill 0 [I suspect because it doesn't trigger one one of the kills you need to progress it]), but that's only a small detraction from the ambition and design in the map as a whole.
In general, I quite liked these jumping puzzles - which is something from someone who generally has a low-tolerance for them - with only one in the final map being really annoying because of the abundance of scrags spawned in as well.
Secrets are also fun - I found about 75% of them, but I wasn't combing the entirety of each map for them after clearing them, just picking them up as I went.
Thanks for letting me know about the bugs, I've found and fixed most of them and should be putting up a fixed version very soon :D
This small episode starts off as a fairly standard throwback to the classics, but really begins to shine at map three, and bursts wide open on map four. Be prepared to spot a lot of fun geometric details, especially at the end. I was particularly keen to explore the little city, as well as ride the big moving set pieces. I had quite a lot of fun overall, playing the entire episode over the course of about 90 minutes. My only real criticism is that I would have preferred a more seamless sky texture for the first couple of levels. :)
This mini episode begins humbly, escalating the monster count and difficulty with each map. It has a good mix of ambushes, arenas and some fun platforming which is never frustrating. The final map is frankly astonishing and is the highlight of the set, the screenshots don't do it justice. It has some great geometry (I particularly enjoyed climbing the chaos tower) with a mix of large open areas and tight spaces with fights in both.

Only issue I had was monsters getting stuck on walls in the lava bottomed area with the grill floors which may easy kills

I enjoyed it immensely, its clear a lot of work went into this.
Thank you ❤️