This is my 2nd released Quake map. Standard Quake Tech base theme, but with some surprises. This map uses Progs Dump 3, so you will have to load the "cheese" file as a mod before loading the map. Readme and demo included.

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Mar 7, 2023
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Wow. What a great map. The first room with the forklift is so cool. And the first secrets made my nostalgic heart beat faster. I didn't like the jumppad that much. I got stuck on the railing several times. And the last fight could be a bit harder. Thanks a lot. I had a lot of fun.
Very cool map. I had a little trouble with the jump pad but otherwise there are no complaints coming from me. The Ogre that throws lava rocks at you is really cool. I don't think I have seen that one before. I kinda wish it was used more in the map. Same with the Enforcer that has a super nail gun. The very last part of the map was epic as well. My play through of this map will land on my youtube channel at 12:00am March 13th if anyone wants to check that out. The map itself comes with a demo but I didn't want to watch it since it includes all secretes.
Tested this map and it's solid, especially for a second Quake level ever by the author!