Brush primitives for Trenchbroom

This is a somewhat revamped primitives map which contains:
12 amd 24-sided CZG curves at 1024x1024, 768x768, 512x512, 384x384 and 256x256.
For 12-sided ones 192x192, 128x128, 96x96 and 64x64 versions are also included.
Bevels and extruded trims are included - all pre-textured (this is a major difference from the previous version, where many of them didn't have the right texture alignment applied). The extrusions are intended to be ideal for creating arches as well as cylinders.

Each set of extrusions has been extended 32 units in both directions from the base shape.
There are 4 different sizes of pipes with curves, plus two tunnels, one 256 wide, one 512 wide.

In addition I have included two sets of 45-degree corners in various sizes. The 45 degree parts stick to multiples of 4 grid boxes as is recommended in Markie's "mapping on 45 degrees" tutorial. Again I have included extrusions 32 units in both directions.

I've included the original version as a legacy file for those who found aspects of it more useful but I expect that the updated version is likely to be more useful for most mappers.


To get the best out of these I recommend the dumptruck_ds/bal tutorials on advanced curves, and Markie ("Slipseer" on YouTube)'s tutorials on mapping on 45 degrees and curved tunnels. Also, the extruded trims are intended to work well with Makkon's textures and Markie has a good tutorial on how to get the most out of Makkon trims. I've provided links to all of these in the text file.

This release is intended as a resource to help the community, so feel free to use these in your maps as you see fit.