A Room With A View

A Room With A View
--------------by drmelon

This is my first Quake map. It's a short 3-minute singleplayer map where the player must escape from a jail to a lighthouse that they can see from the cell's window.
I made this in about 3 days, to teach myself the basics of using Trenchbroom and EricW's tools. Thank you so much to everyone for your tips, advice, and interesting tutorials.
I had a lot of fun making this map, and I'd love to make more. I hope you have fun, and please leave me some feedback!

This map has been tested in the Steam release of Quake and in Ironwail.
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Aug 23, 2023
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3.78 star(s) 9 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fixed the door bug

    Fixed the bug with the non-functional door in the roof area. I accidentally uploaded a version...

Latest reviews

Not much to add to the previous ratings. It's understandably crude for a first map, but what there is, is charming and enjoyable. Glad to see you've uploaded another map already. Going to check that out next.
Short and sweet. I liked it, may be a good idea to have a longer encounter on the last stretch
Yeah. I escaped. What a great little map. I think the atmosphere would have benefited if you'd stuck with Grunts, Ogres and Dogs. I'm looking forward to the next map.
A short and funny map and I like it.
Thanx, ludicrous
Very cute map.
Short & sweet, definitely need more "prison break" maps. Wish there were more enemies on the higher difficulties to make use of the space at the end. I dig the idea of bringing the quad up with you but I think it would have been better to reverse the position with the rocket launcher.
Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't certain about the quad's placement myself; it definitely could be swapped, I agree.
I'm going to experiment more with difficulty settings in my next map, I think! I'd like to make some puzzle elements with harder solutions at higher difficulties as well as enemy encounters..!
For being a first map i like it! the brushwork and enemy encounters are really good, also i liked how short and puzzle-y it is , that has been one of my focus with my maps, the thing i didn't catch upon was that the door (one of the lasts) doesn't have a sound, a nuance i presume.

Judging this as a short map adventure is amazing! keep it going :)
Thank you very much!